WATCH: High School Band Dancers Dress as STRIPPERS on Football Field

The Miami Northwestern Golden Girls high school dance team in South Florida, generated controversy over their choice of dance routine ‘uniforms.’ The girls strutted their stuff onto the field dressed as ‘strippers’ decked out in stockings and garters.

And you wonder why the decline in ethics and moral standards has seen a decline in Americas youth.

Band dancers getting mixed reactions about uniforms on social media.What do you think about the Miami Northwestern High Golden Girls' outfits? | Director: @supa_blackgirl

Posted by Michael Quander on 24hb September 2017


Miami 7 News reports:

Some who have seen the performance said what the teenage dancers wore was inappropriate. Those commenting online said that the uniform resembled lingerie and another comment said that the outfit was not age appropriate. While some critics called this a risqué routine, others said it comes with the territory.

“It doesn’t bother me,” said parent Runette Brown. “I don’t see anything wrong with it. They’re dancers. I could see if cheerleaders were in it. That would be different, but they’re dancers.”

Jerry Byrd said the outfits were not what he expected. “I’m old fashioned, and I believe that’s too sexy,” he said. “There are a lot of bad people out there that will look at that and take it a different way. I have two daughters I deal with, and I don’t allow that.”

The dancers appeared to be on the sidelines of a football field, performing a synchronized routine.

The principal at Miami Northwestern released a statement that read in part, “Miami Northwestern Senior High School has always been a source of pride for students, parents, alumni and the community. We will continue that tradition. While all the parents of the dancers who participated in the event approved of the attire, we understand the concerns that have been raised and sincerely apologize for any offense this may have caused. Looking ahead, we will implement a more comprehensive and stringent uniform approval process to ensure an appropriate representation of our school.”

7News reached out to the dance coach but have not heard back.

The girls have come a long way…

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