CDC is a Vaccine Company That Owns 56 Vaccine Patents – A Grave Conflict of Interest

Mark Blaxill is an intellectual property expert who was tasked to determine how many vaccine patents the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actually own.  Most people will not be surprised to learn that Blaxill’s investigation determined that the CDC has a grand total of 56 patents granted to them by our United States government.

Among the long list of patents he found flu vaccines, rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Pneumococcal disease, gastroenteritis, SARS and even one to be used for Zika. That is just to name a few.

Keep in mind that it is the CDC that determines the immunization schedule and that schedule has doubled since the mid 1980’s. Now requiring nearly 40 doses of highly questionable injections to be administered by the age of two while ignoring that numerous studies link vaccine components, such as mercury, to increased numbers with Autism and asthma, as well as lower IQ’s.

The CDC has a vested financial interest in getting its product to market and how lucky for them that they can just mandate the decree and force you to accept and comply or be punished. Healthcare workers are being forced to comply to flu shots or lose their jobs and good luck getting your kid in daycare or school without their immunization records.

Natural News reports:

The CDC proudly claims the following about its own Immunization Safety Office:

“Sound immunization policies affecting children and adults in the U.S. depend on continuous monitoring of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. CDC uses many strategies to assess vaccine safety, to identify health problems possibly related to vaccines, and to conduct studies that help determine whether a health problem is caused by a specific vaccine. CDC also works with other federal government agencies and other stakeholders to determine the appropriate public health response to vaccine safety concerns and to communicate the benefits and risks of vaccines.” [Emphasis added]

Were any of this true, it would mean that the CDC would have to be 100 percent divorced from the industry which it is policing, yet this is not the case.

The media has consistently derided RFK for his claim that the CDC holds patents on over 20 vaccines. In an independent effort to confirm or refute this allegation, Ginger Taylor of Green Med Info recently asked a friend, Mark Blaxill, an Intellectual Property expert, to determine just exactly how many such patents the CDC does in fact own.

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For more info: The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)

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