Nicolle Wallace Rips Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un In-Person Meeting: Both Men Are ‘Established Liars’

Monday on MSNBC’s coverage of the summit between President Donald and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, afternoon host Nicolle Wallace expressed skepticism over what the public would learn of the day’s events. Wallace dismissed the claim Trump was an “in-person negotiator,” and said both he and Kim Jong Un were “established liars.” “[D]onald Trump isn’t an in-person negotiator,” Wallace said. “He’s an in-person bloviator. There will not be a great exchange at this lunch. He talks. People that have interviewed him — people don’t get a lot of questions into Donald Trump.” “[I]t’s not inconceivable that they don’t make much more progress,” she added. “Something else that our own Keir Simmons reported today and shared with us at 4 p.m. is both men are liars. He said Kim Jong Un lies and he said Donald Trump lies. So it is at this point, and I’ve talked to two former senior official intelligence officials, it’s a known-unknown what was discussed, and it’s not known that we’ll ever know really what happened in the meeting because both men are known and established liars.” Follow Jeff Poor on Twitter @jeff_poor
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