California Town Bribes High School Students Into Getting Covid Shot With $10K Raffle

( Exclusive) – Despite the fact that healthy, young people are not at any great risk for COVID-19, they are being urged to do their part and get the experimental vaccines anyway.

They have a much greater risk of experiencing short and/or long term adverse reactions to the vaccines than they do from COVID, yet the government is urging them to take the shots.

One town in California has stepped up their attempts to get high school students to receive the vaccine with a raffle for a college scholarship.

The City of Lancaster, located just north of Los Angeles, announced the incentive via a Facebook post this week. The announcement says the city’s mayor, R. Rex Parris, is conducting the raffle for “Students of Lancaster ages 16-18 who have received their COVID-19 vaccine!”

“Teens who are 16-18 years of age, residents of Lancaster, and can provide documentation that they received their full COVID-19 vaccine by June 30 are eligible to win,” the FB post states.

It lists the three top prizes which range from $50 to $10,000, which the post explains will be taken from a scholarship fund, not taxpayer dollars, and also asserts that the mayor nor city council will receive any financial benefit from the COVID-19 vaccine.

California has seen a sharp decline in the number of COVID cases but state officials are desperate to tie that to the number of people who have willingly made themselves lab rats and taken the vaccine.

This raffle is just a shallow and obvious attempt to bolster the number of vaccinated Californians to justify lifting the lockdowns and mandates, which happened almost immediately upon Joe Biden “winning” the 2020 election.

Not only are cases down altogether but the number of people requiring hospitalization from the disease are also way down. The Los Angeles Times reported, “California is now at the bottom of the nation when it comes to coronavirus case rates,” adding, “the state recorded its lowest hospitalization rate since the first few weeks of the pandemic.”

States all over the country that have lifted lockdown restrictions are seeing decreases in COVID cases, could that be because all the mandates and rules actually worked against efforts to “slow the spread?”

Of course.

The vaccines aren’t the cause of the slow down in cases. Dr. Fauci himself has even admitted that the vaccines don’t actually stop the spread of the virus but rather just make people asymptomatic.

In reality, that seems a lot more dangerous for people in high-risk categories like the elderly and those with underlying and chronic conditions.

Nonetheless, every American is being told to do their part and dutifully take the untested and unproven vaccines like good, obedient citizens.

Now it looks like some areas are even incentivizing the vaccine to get otherwise reluctant people to agree to the jab.

Anyone who refuses to become a government guinea pig is called selfish and uncaring by the left. Just more reason not to get the dangerous vaccine.

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