AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett Says “It’s Very Concerning” That Dominion Has Passwords, Control Of Maricopa County Voting Systems

( Exclusive) – Anything you can imagine going wrong with the 2020 election, went wrong.

Despite the lies that the mainstream media outlets spew, there was massive widespread fraud. There was corruption. State laws and the US constitution were violated. Now it appears as though the corrupt voting systems company Dominion not only had a hand in the theft of the election but actually controlled the entire election in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Dominion didn’t just plant operatives in Maricopa County, they usurped control of the entire operation. When Arizona audit director Ken Bennett reached out to the county election officials for the administrative password to the election systems, he was concerned at their response.

They claimed they didn’t have the password and that only Dominion employees did. Maricopa County election officials did not possess the password to access the highest functions of the election systems in the 2020 election.

That sure sounds like a problem and yet you won’t hear anything about this from the lying mainstream media outlets. They’re too busy trying to convince Americans that the audit is some kind of Republican attempt to “undermine democracy.”

While speaking with One America News Network, Bennett asserted that the Maricopa County Election Board (MCEB) told him they do not have the “admin” password needed to access the administrative functions of the election machines.

This alarming development meant that Dominion had total control of the election in Arizona’s most populous county.

Naturally, Dominion has no desire to comply with the Arizona Senate’s subpoena and has not handed over the password to Bennett or anyone else involved with the audit.

In an interview with The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson, Bennett explained: “Well, if they don’t have the passwords to the administrative functions then it has to be Dominion which is very concerning to us that they don’t have complete control over their election systems. But maybe they’ll have an explanation for the Senate. And I think the Senate is equally concerned about that. Those drives that were subpoenaed so far have not been produced. So that will unfold over the next few days.”

Democrats are still doing everything they can to stand in the way of the audit being performed. It’s truly deranged especially given the fact that they then have the audacity to contend that it’s Republicans who are attempting to somehow thwart democracy.

If the MCEB doesn’t have the administrative passwords and never did that would certainly corroborate Jan Bryant’s testimony in which she described witnessing election officials being prohibited from accessing the system and seeing Dominion employees with a laptop in the counting room.

Dominion brazenly took control over the Maricopa County 2020 election and didn’t even try to hide it.

Where else did Dominion take control like this? Surely there are other counties across the country where Dominion usurped authority over the election. This cannot be allowed to stand.

Not only must Dominion be held accountable for tampering with and rigging the presidential election of the United States but anyone who was complicit should be too.

Shame on the Maricopa County Elections Board for allowing this to happen. Shame on them for not speaking up and doing the right thing.

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