Shocking Video Captures The Moment A Woman Fainted And Convulsed On The Floor At COVID Vaccine Site; This Is Terrifying!

( Exclusive) – Brand new video footage captured in a Latin American country show the moment a woman suffers a seizure right after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, proving once again that we don’t really have any clue what this “experimental drug” is capable of doing to our bodies.

According to Infowars, the video, which has now gone viral on social media, shows a woman speaking in Spanish, excitedly praising the opportunity to get the vaccine, right as a person behind her falls out of her chair and starts to convulse on the floor.

“How do you feel right now, teacher?” an interviewer asks the woman.

“Emotional,” the woman replies.

“I feel great joy for this opportunity in life of health…” the woman says right before a person behind her falls off her chair onto the floor. A group of people rush to her aid, including a soldier, as she starts to convulse.

While there isn’t a whole lot of information concerning the exact location or the date of the vaccination, it’s clear from the fact that individuals in the video are wearing masks and practicing social distancing seems to place the incident within the past year.

Unfortunately, the video has now been removed from Twitter, as social media giants continue to try and push the vaccination narrative down people’s throats and suppress any information that might cause folks to think twice about getting poked.

Here’s another incident that happened from someone taking the vaccine:

The Food and Drug Administration has still not signed off on this vaccine as being approved by their organization. That means this vaccine is still considered an “experimental drug” and everyone taking it is a guinea pig.

No thanks. Hard pass here.

There’s so much we do not know about this vaccine. We don’t know how it will impact folks in the future and whether or not it will stay effective for life or have to be regularly readministered. There’s a chance the long term effects might be worse than those of the virus itself.

What’s terrifying is that the mainstream media doesn’t want you to see stories that might make you think twice about getting a shot. They want to more or less use propaganda to convince people it’s okay to get this vaccine, despite the fact there are plenty of stories that suggest it could potentially be dangerous.

Scary times.

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