Dominion Claims They Gave Passwords To Maricopa County Auditors But Refuse To Give Passwords To State Senate Audit Team

( Exclusive) – The 2020 presidential election was not safe, secure, or free. This has been proven with mounds of evidence since Election Day on November 3, 2020.

Arizona Republicans have been fighting an uphill battle to expose the truth since then and even though they’ve finally been able to start their much anticipated audit, the roadblocks are still coming.

Perhaps the most troubling and disturbing revelation is that Dominion Voting Systems has apparently made the decision to hold the entire audit, and thereby the election, hostage.

On Thursday, Dominion stated they “voluntarily supply access to their election equipment only to vendors accredited by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). We happily did so for the accredited providers (vendors) that Maricopa hired for auditing.”

The Gateway Pundit reports, however, that statement is not true. According to Pro V&V, Dominion provided the passwords directly to the Maricopa Board of Election employees who then entered the passwords themselves to log into the equipment.

The Arizona Senate was not satisfied with the audit performed by Pro V&V and commissioned by the corrupt Maricopa County Board of Supervisors who have been fighting tooth and nail against their efforts.

Pro V&V has prior affiliation with Dominion and it was clear to the state Senate Republicans that Pro V&V would not provide an unbiased audit. That was, in fact, true.

Now that the Senate Republicans have finally got their audit, however, Dominion, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and the MCBOS are determined to stand in the way.

When the Arizona Senate asked the County for admin user level access the Pro V&V President Jack Cobb said, “The Admin User and password have GOD powers. Note the Antrim County Michigan hack – where someone had Admin User and password access, and with that you can do anything. All databases in all industries need this function. The Super User login can perform any (Admin Level) function EXCEPT altering the SQL database. We don’t even ask for those credentials on a fielded system because they are so powerful there is a risk that we get accused of changing something.”

In other words, Dominion is not handing the administrative passwords out to anyone despite the lie they told that they gave it to Pro V&V.

Cobb further added that Maricopa officials “may have thought their Super User passwords were the Admin level but they were just Super User passwords.”

He explained that they had the officials enter their passwords themselves and that the Maricopa officials could give these passwords to the Cyber Ninjas (one of the firms conducting the current audit) but that it still won’t provide administrative access and function.

He noted, “The tabulators have redundant memory. The EMS is just an accumulator. I can delete and reload data as many times as I want as long as it is from a trusted source (SD, CF, or USB). On top of that there are printed paper tapes from each tabulator.”

Given the circumstances and the fact that the Arizona State Legislature has the right to inspect Federal & State Elections by law, it seems reasonable for them to be provided complete and total access to the election systems with the administrative password.

Dominion, however, doesn’t agree. They are saying they absolutely will not provide the passwords to the state legislature or any of the auditors.

According to Dominion’s statement though, they would be willing to give out the passwords if the legislature only fell in line and used one of two audit vendors they approve of.

Dominion’s criteria is that auditors be EAC accredited but the reality is that they want to install auditors of their choosing, who they know will hide fraud rather than expose it.

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