As Phony Fauci And Biden Cover For Communist China, It’s Becoming Clear That COVID-19 Came From Lab In Wuhan And Was Intentionally Released

President Joe Biden shut down a State Department probe this spring into the origins of COVID-19 in China that was launched by the Trump administration under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last fall, according to a CNN report Tuesday.

There is  no one in the Biden administration as far as I can see, or in the Democratic Party for that matter, that can stand up to the evils perpetrated on a daily basis by Communist Red China. Any idiot knows that COVID came from a lab in Wuhan, but not everyone knows the incredible connection between the COVID-19 virus, the CDC, and Anthony Fauci. Senator Rand Paul has been making headlines exposing phony Fauci and his ‘gain of function’ dirty dealings in Wuhan.

“Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.” Matthew 10:26 (KJB)

Why do so many people lay down and cover for Communist China, like Pope Francis does? Because China represents the world’s largest market for goods, services and a steady stream of cold, hard cash. Pope Francis cries about a ‘climate emergency’, but has literally nothing to say while abandoning 12 million Chinese Catholics to the commie regime. No, the only politician who stood up to China was Donald Trump, one of the many reasons why he had to go.

CNN: Biden Shut Down Trump Admin Probe into Origins of COVID-19 in China

FROM BREITBART NEWS: Last year, concerns voiced by President Donald Trump that COVID-19 might have escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China, were dismissed by media fact-checkers as conspiracy theories. Now, however, those concerns are gaining traction.

The Biden administration has said that it wants China to be more transparent, and wants the World Health Organization (WHO) to conduct an independent inquiry. But the WHO is widely seen as having helped China cover up the pandemic

 CNN reported:

President Joe Biden‘s team shut down a closely-held State Department effort launched late in the Trump administration to prove the coronavirus originated in a Chinese lab over concerns about the quality of its work, according to three sources familiar with the decision.

The existence of the State Department inquiry and its termination this spring by the Biden administration — neither of which has been previously reported — comes to light amid renewed interest in whether the virus could have leaked out of a Wuhan lab with links to the Chinese military. The Biden administration is also facing scrutiny of its own efforts to determine if the Chinese government was responsible for the virus.

Those involved in the previously undisclosed inquiry, which was launched last fall by allies of then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, say it was an honest effort to probe what many initially dismissed: that China’s biological weapons program could have had a greater role in the pandemic’s origin in Wuhan, according to two additional sources.

But the inquiry quickly became mired in internal discord amid concerns that it was part of a broader politicized effort by the Trump administration to blame China and cherry-pick facts to prove a theory.

Ironically, then-candidate Joe Biden and others criticized President Trump during the 2020 campaign for allegedly having “dissolved” the White House pandemic unit (in fact, it was reorganized in ways that advocates said made it more effective).

Biden also claimed, falsely, that Trump had “rolled over for the Chinese” and that he did not ask China to allow the U.S. to investigate the coronavirus. Biden promised he would “insist, insist, insist” that China had to let the U.S. in to investigate.

Now, Biden has reportedly dissolved an effort to investigate the origins of the pandemic, and has “rolled over for the Chinese” rather than insisting that the U.S. be allowed to conduct its own investigation of how the COVID-19 virus emerged. READ MORE

Biden Covering For Communist China, Here’s Why

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