Observer At Windham, NH ‘Audit’ Identifies Auditors Backdating Voting Machines And Performing Additional Suspicious Actions

( Exclusive) – The election audit in Windham, New Hampshire seems to have been doomed to fail from the start, no doubt by Democrat design.

Observers of the audit have identified several problematic actions by the audit team that are very suspicious and The Gateway Pundit has been following the developing story closely.

Just this week, TGP reported on the auditors who were selected for the Windham audit having conflicts of interests due to their connections to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The news outlet also reported that there are additional concerns and “independence issues” due to the strange audit plan that seems to entirely undermine the audit.

Now TGP is reporting that there is evidence that the auditors have “backdated the election system parameters in the midst of the election.”

According to a report by the Populist Press, on Thursday, Marilyn Todd, founder of NH Voter Integrity Group and a financial auditor, revealed some alarming discoveries.

She watched last Friday as the machine reports were being printed during the audit and took pictures of them. Then, on Thursday, she had the report pictures open on her computer when she noticed something shocking.

Todd reported that activity on a computer with firmware software on it would be listed on an internal audit report which is the case with Windham’s election machines. The machines are serviced and maintained by LHS Associates whose president was present multiple times during the audit.

As the Populist Press reports, Todd made note of the following lines:

Line 30 – Session Start, date 5/12/21
Line 31 – Machine put in “Supervise Mode”
Line 33 – Memory Card Reset
Line 34 – Session Start, date 5/12/21
Line 35 – Prep for Election
Line 36 – Clear Counters
Line 37 – Session Start, date 11/3/20
Line 43 – Session Start, date 11/5/20

According to Todd, Dr. Harry Hursti, a computer scientist, previously stated that he would need to reset the entire memory card because it was not possible to clear the counters.

Todd, however, realized this was not true after seeing the system report. Hursti along with the corrupt auditors have been meddling in the audit since the beginning in an effort to produce the results Democrats are looking for.

However, New Hampshire voters clearly have enough evidence to demand a comprehensive forensic audit of the results from the state.

The fraud from the 2020 election cannot be allowed to stand and even worse it’s continuing on through the audits. These leftists are completely out of control and have become downright brazen in their attempts to hide the truth.

Why would Hursti need to delete the election machine’s memory cards if he wasn’t trying to hide anything?

An investigation into the auditors and computer scientists involved in this audit is what is really needed.

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