New Developing Story Reveals Same Suspicious SQL Software In Michigan Dominion Machines Has Been Found In PA Machines

( Exclusive) – An election assessment was conducted and completed in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County and published back in February of 2021. The assessment discovered the existence of the Microsoft SQL database on the Dominion voting machines that were used for the election in the county.

According to a report from the Gateway Pundit, analysts examined the report from Fulton County and found “no valid reason” for the software being installed on the machine’s system. The same folks also said that Dominion failed to fill out the appropriate forms concerning the software in question.

This software is the same kind that Michigan Attorney Matthew DePerno’s expert discovered on Dominion machines in his state.

“The software allows anyone with privileges to simply change values in the database directly in order to change the outcome of the election leaving no trace whatsoever. The Dominion system looks to the database for the values and uses whatever is there. It is outside of the logs or other election-related auditing record one would look for,” the GP report says.

Back on May 3, DePerno actually posted up a court briefing that alleged the election had been hacked.

“Cyber Ninjas discovered a Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio implant on the system. “This piece of software is not approved by the Election Assistance Commission (‘EAC’) and allows a user to actually circumvent security protocol and make ‘direct[] edit entries within the database’ which ‘could potentially be utilized to change vote values,’” DePerno said.

“Perhaps most importantly, this software is a ‘separate install.’ In other words, it should not be on the system. It is, by its very definition, a hacking tool,” the statement continued.

We now have two instances where unapproved SQL software was found to exist on Dominion voting machines in two different battleground states.

And now Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are working hard to make sure that paper ballots are banned from this point forward, forcing all Americans to vote using these machines. This, of course, would provide them with endless opportunities to rig elections and enable them to silence the voices of conservatives.

The important point here is that assessors found there is “no valid reason” for this software to exist on the machine’s system. The presence of the software “allows any user with access to change and manipulate the EMS databases without logging [recording] to the Database, EMS, or [operating system] logfiles.”

Those same assessors also stated that Dominion failed to fill out proper documentation that attests that the software versions on the machines conformed with certified reasons, with the voting machines company apparently claiming that filling out this paperwork was “optional.”

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