SHOCKING: Leftist Disguised Themselves as Trump Supporters to Infiltrate Jan. 6 Rally (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – As many of us have suspected since the beginning, the January 6 Capitol riot is proving to have been one big hoax played out by the Democrats and their Trump-hating cohorts.

Thanks to the complicity of their media sycophant lapdogs, their lies have been easily perpetrated onto the American people, many of which genuinely believe that Trump supporters staged a violent attempted insurrection of the United States government on Jan. 6.

They’re so convinced they won’t even bother considering any other sides of the story or any actual evidence proving that not all is what it seems.

Newly emerged video footage from Jan. 6 shows a couple of leftist activists preparing themselves to infiltrate the crowd of Trump supporters on that ill-fated day in Washington DC.

They seem to have it all figured out with numerous American flag themed garments including face masks as well as Fox News and OAN microphone flags.

The footage was uncovered by an independent journalist known only as “L” and it features YouTube and TikTok comedians Walter Masterson and Peter Scattini as they dress up in pro-America attire with the intent to “blend in” with protesters.

What on earth could be their motivation for such an act?

“I’m not f***ing with you, you’ve got to blend in,” Masterson tells Scattini, who’s filming him.

“I know you can’t stomach wearing it [American flag mask], but you need to blend in. You need to have a visual identifier,” Masterson adds before telling Scattini he can’t go if he doesn’t wear the get-up.

“I don’t know if we’re committing crimes doing this, but you know,” Scattini tells Masterson.

“They won’t trust you unless there’s a visual, like, there’s something visual,” Masterson says.

OAN correspondent Jack Posobiec has previously confirmed that a person seen in a screenshot who initially appears to be an OAN reporter is, in fact, an imposter and is likely Masterson himself. Obviously, Masterson is not employed by OAN.

“This is an imposter, I can personally confirm @OANN had no reporter or crew embedded within the Capitol Riot,” Posobiec responded, adding, “The covered face is also a dead giveaway”.

Footage filmed by Masterson and Scattini shows that they both made inside the breached Capitol grounds near scaffolding on the West side of the building.

Naturally, when the FBI visited the two men in regards to their presence at the Capitol that day, they were not arrested and are not facing any charges.

Could that be because they aren’t supporters of President Trump? If that isn’t blatant proof that the entire “riot” has just been a charade to hunt down and politically persecute Trump supporters, we don’t know what is.

According to “L,” Scattini claimed that Masterson gave FBI agents “tips on how to infiltrate Trump rallies.”

The duo claim the footage was only for satire and comedy purposes but given Masterson’s past reporting for The Young Turks and other pro-Antifa and anti-Trump commentary, we can only assume they were politically motivated.

“L” also suggests that the two are part of a wider network of leftist activists who were involved in the same operation.

At the end of the day, the video footage certainly does prove that there were, in fact, leftist agitators among the massive crowd of Trump supporters and given Trump supporters’ reputation of being peaceable and respectful of law enforcement, it’s pretty hard to believe it wasn’t these leftist agitators who instigated the entire event.

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