SHOCK POLL: Stunning Numbers Say Biden Not Running Own Administration

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden has made an absolute mess of himself ever since he decided to run for president, committing gaffe after gaffe after gaffe, leading many individuals to believe that he is suffering from cognitive decline.

All of the stumbling and mumbling he’s done in speeches since stealing the election from President Donald Trump has only served to increase the speculations of poor health.

And now, according to WND, a new poll revealed that only 36 percent of the American people think that Biden is “fully in charge” of his own administration. This just goes to show that these blunders have not gone unnoticed by the people of this country.

A total of 56 percent believe that other people are actually directing Biden’s administration which includes policy and agenda. And that includes 32 percent of the Democrats who responded to the poll which was published by the Convention of the States in Action in partnership with the Trafalgar Group.

Roughly 83.6 percent of Republicans and 58.4 percent of independents also say Joe Biden isn’t calling the shots that are coming from the White House.

“President Lincoln’s famous refrain that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time has never been more relevant and critical to the survival of our American Republic. The American people deserve transparency from the Biden Administration as to the true state of the president’s mental and physical health, and leaders in both parties in Congress need to follow through on this immediately,” Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, went on to explain. “The continued failure to ask hard questions and demand real answers is a disgrace to the foundation of our democracy.”

The report noted that the survey was done between June 23-25 with 1,086 people responding.

The margin of error was 2.97 percent with a confidence level that hit 95 percent.

“Only 11% of Republicans believe Joe Biden is ‘fully executing the duties of his office’, and only 36.1% of independents agreed with that,” WND says, adding, “The survey sample even had been weighted toward Democrats, 39.3% to 35.6% over GOP members.”

Biden has earned a reputation for mixing up his words and forgetting people’s names and even circumstances that he is supposed to be speaking on, along with making ridiculous and outlandish statements.

For example, Biden once told one of his supporters that was confined to a wheelchair to stand up and let the crowd see him. Let that sink in for a moment.

We really need to have Biden tested for cognitive decline. It’s terrifying to think even more radical forces than him might be making decisions in the White House.

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