NIGHTMARE ON VAX STREET: Australian Government Criticized For Releasing Pro-COVID Vaccine PSA That Outraged Viewers Called ‘Graphic’ And ‘Offensive’

Imagery of a young woman desperately gasping for air has been deemed too horrific by some viewers of a new COVID-19 vaccination public service announcement in Australia.

So here we have the Australian government releasing a pro-vaccine PSA, showing in classic horror movie style, a young woman in the hospital who has contracted COVID, and she is struggling to breathe. In the interest of truth and fairness, will they also release a PSA showing a teenager collapsing to the ground with blood clots on his brain because he took the COVID-19 vaccine? Don’t hold your measured breath waiting for that one.

“Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? “ John 18:38 (KJB)

Yeah, no, I do not expect they will make a PSA like that anytime soon, even though the number of the dead from taking the COVID-19 vaccine is now nearing 10,000, and the number of those with highly adverse reactions is getting close to one million. They will only give you one side of the issue for the sole and express purpose of pushing their New World Order agenda. If you want the Truth, the only place you will get it is in your King James Bible.

COVID-19 vaccine PSA criticized as too ‘graphic’ and ‘offensive’

FROM THE NY POST: The 30-second ad spot by the Australian government is urging its citizens to seek a vaccine by depicting a breathless and frightened coronavirus patient attached to a ventilator.

A cryptic message appears as the scene cuts to black: “COVID-19 can affect anyone… Book your vaccination.”

While officials have maintained that the “distressing” PSA was indeed designed to alarm, critics have taken to social media to call out the clip for unfairly suggesting that young people are in need of the message.

“Completely offensive to run an ad like this when Australians in this age group are still waiting for their bloody vaccinations,” said Australian broadcaster Hugh Riminton.

“Why are we targeting young people? Shouldn’t we be targeting the rising rate of vaccine hesitancy in over-55s?” asked another viewer.

Around 2.25 million Australians, about 9% of the population, have been fully inoculated, according to statistics compiled by Our World in Data. However, those numbers include only those aged over 40 years, as young people have been ordered to hold off on vaccination until the end of the year — ideally, when more doses of the Pfizer vaccine might be available. Currently, health officials are recommending that locally manufactured AstraZeneca vaccines be administered only to those aged 40 years and older amid concerns that their jab causes blood clots in younger generations, though some hope to hold out for Pfizer, which are in limited availability. READ MORE

Critics have labelled the multi-million-dollar advertising as “weak” and “ineffective”, so a more confronting message has also been directed towards Sydney’s crisis.

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