President Trump On Election Fraud: “They Are Fighting Like HELL — Why Are These Commissioners Fighting Not To Give The ROUTERS!?”

( Exclusive) – President Donald Trump received an extremely warm welcome from a packed house of supporters in the state of Arizona during his speech at Turning Point Action’s “Rally to Protect Our Elections” which took place over the weekend.

The Gateway Pundit reports that during his address, Trump gave a very special shout-out to brave Arizona State Senators Karen Fann, Warren Petersen, Kelly Townsend, Sonny Borrelli, and Wendy Rogers for being willing to stand up for election integrity.

As things stand right now, it seems that Maricopa County is doing their best to stall the audit process with noncompliance and obstruction. The County is still refusing to hand over access to routers, administrative keys, and Splunk logs, all of which are necessary in order to see what really happened inside the voting system.

If this was truly a secure election, then why are officials in the county so desperate to keep things buried? That hardly sounds like the actions an innocent person would take.

During his speech, Trump tore into the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and then called for them to comply with Senate Subpoenas.

“Cyber security experts have also testified that the logs for the election management system software were wiped under highly suspicious circumstances. This is them saying it, not me. With more than 37,000 requests made to the server in a single day. Think of that. Erasing the data permanently for the entire period surrounding the election. Gee, I wonder why they erased the data surrounding the election? I wonder why,” the president said.

“The county has, for whatever reason, also refused to produce the network routers. We want the routers, Sonny, Wendy, we got to get those routers, please. The routers. Come on, Kelly, we can get those routers. Those routers. You know what? We’re so beyond the routers, there’s so many fraudulent votes without the routers. But if you got those routers, what that will show, and they don’t want to give up the routers. They don’t want to give them. They are fighting like hell. Why are these commissioners fighting not to give the routers? How simple could it be? That will tell the truth. What are they trying to hide?” Trump asked.

The president then added, “Unbelievably, the auditors have testified that the master database for the election management system, sorry to tell you, has been deleted. I wonder why it was deleted. I wonder, Sonny, why was it deleted, please? Meaning the main database for all of the election related data in Maricopa in 2020 has been illegally erased. It’s been erased.”

“The county has also refused to provide the authority for the information. We want the information needed to access vote tabulation devices. To top it all off, they’ve refused to hand over the all-important chain of custody documentation for Maricopa County ballots. They don’t want to give it. Why don’t they want to give it? Why? I stand before you today to demand nothing less than full and complete cooperation from Maricopa County and from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors who have fought your senate at every single turn. Incredibly. Why? Why? Why?” He demanded.

Trump then said, “Why are Republicans fighting it? All they have to do is hand it over, and they’re either going to be right. They’re not even saying they’re right. They just don’t want it. They don’t even say they’re right. I think they know a hell of a lot about what happened, but why don’t they want to do that? The citizens of Arizona, an incredible state that as you know, I won four years ago and I won it again. Somebody came in from a media group, a very good media group, actually, said, “What was the difference between 2016 and 2020?” I said, “Well, the difference was I actually did much better in 2020.”

Again, the supervisors over in Maricopa County have really put a ton of effort into making sure that the evidence of wrongdoing perpetrated during this election does not see the light of day. Innocent people do not act this way.

The current company of auditors, Cyber Ninjas, have discovered a number of issues that the previous auditors couldn’t find. Why is that? Maybe it’s because the first auditors didn’t want to find anything? Or They found it and kept a lid on it.

Ben Cotton and his team are busy auditing the IT-related practices and policies of Maricopa County in the presidential election last year. He has since shared some very important items during a presentation held last week that any auditor worth his salt would be able to find.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors ended up hiring two election firms all on the knowledge that these two companies would give them two thumbs up.

“But Ben Cotton and his team were selected by the Cyber Ninjas to address the IT work related to Maricopa County’s results in the 2020 Election. Investigator Cotton from CyFIR performed work that the previous auditors should have covered,” a report from GP said.

“It’s a difficult task for these auditors because Maricopa County has been completely uncooperative, even with basic questions, referring auditors to lawyers. This all provides more support that the subjects under audit, the auditees, are guilty and doing everything they can to postpone the election,” the report continued.

“Dominion has two full-time staff onsite servicing the Maricopa County election system. The current Dominion software was installed in August 2019. Since that date, there have been no antivirus updates, no operating system updates, or any security patches. Administrator accounts were also created on that date, each having the exact same password. These are actions of a ‘worst in class’ IT Department and it is a deliberate subterfuge of an election system. Common practice is to update patches on a much more regular basis,” GP added.

Here are a list of items that were discovered by Cotton and were revealed during the presentation in front of the Arizona Senate last Thursday:

1. Auditors have collected over 2,000 Terabytes of data, the vast majority is video footage.

2. What Maricopa County has told the public is often drastically different than their response to the legal subpoena.

3. Maricopa didn’t use a forensically secure process to clone drives. Dates and times were altered by their cloning process.

4. On March 11th, 2021 someone with Admin access to the (EMS) election management system ran a script that produced 37,646 queries looking for blank passwords. The system has only 8 user accounts.

5. Windows Security Event Logs before February 5th, 2021 are missing.

6. Every election Administrator account, no matter the user, all have the same password.

7. When the Dominion software was installed in August 2019, Administrative passwords were created, and haven’t been changed since.

8. The vulnerabilities that exist on the Maricopa election systems would take an average script kiddie less than 10 minutes to gain access to these systems.

9. Maricopa’s election system uses ibutton key fobs as the 2nd step in logins. Maricopa and Dominion have refused to provide these fobs to auditors.

10. It’s become readily apparent there are severe cybersecurity problems with the way the election management system and network was maintained.

11. We are seeing anonymous logins at the system level that do not follow that pattern of normal Windows behavior.

12. After both sides agreed on a solution, Maricopa County then refused to release that router data.

13. Maricopa can’t check the configuration of its own election system without relying on Dominion employees.

14. The two EAC audits hired by Maricopa earlier in the year appear not to have addressed cybersecurity aspects, not even shared passwords.

15. Not a single bit of data was changed on any device in the auditor’s possession. Use of a “write block” device prevented this. Images were made bit by bit, then an MD5 hash value was applied. There is no need to purchase new machines.

16. There have been no antivirus updates, operating system updates, or security patches applied to the election system since August 2019, the date Dominion software was installed.

The folks in Maricopa County have repeatedly told the general public in the area and around the country that the election system did not have contact with the Internet, but as it turns out, this is not true. At all. If it weren’t connected then the system couldn’t have commingled with other Maricopa County department’s data.

In order to prevent the release of information related to routers, the Board of Supervisors, along with the Sheriff, went on to state that the election router data actually did mingle with other critical information from other departments in the county.

With the use of EAC auditors, Maricopa then said election machines were totally safe. And now they’re stating that those same auditors cannot be hired to test those same machines. They actually approved the purchase of brand new Dominion machines for $3 million.

“The use of ibuttons is unusual for PC logins, and is very old technology. These ibuttons are typically used to verify a location or for access control. For instance, a security guard touches his ibutton to various doors to verify he walked his patrol. In Maricopa County, after you login as an election Admin, you must also use a preprogrammed ibutton to obtain access to the Dominion election system. Maricopa County stated only Dominion staff have the Admin ibuttons and both organizations have refused to help the auditors obtain them,” the GP report continued.

Those involved in this mess need to be held accountable for their actions. Let’s hope we see justice served.

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