AZ State Sen. Kelly Townsend Scores Big Win In Push For Financial Audit Of Zuckerbucks And The Dominion Acquisition

( Exclusive) – A new report from Gateway Pundit discusses how Maricopa County utilized cash from big tech companies to help steal the election from President Donald Trump and how they are now using those same resources to help cover up their actions and censor the truth.

Arizona State Sen. Kelly Townsend has initiated another investigation into the 2020 election, this time issuing requests for the Arizona Auditor General to look into the $3 million in what has come to be known as “Zuckerbucks” that was used to help fund the Maricopa 2020 presidential election.

Townsend then got on her Telegram page where she posted up some screenshots of her emails to Auditor General Lindsey Perry (screen shots here and here).

“A.R.S.41-1279.04 provides the Auditor General’s authority to examine records. Paragraph D states that any office or person who knowingly fails or refuses to permit access and examination is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor,” the post said.

This statute actually provides a class 2 misdemeanor for supervisors if they refuse to comply with it.

“This requested audit will show us exactly how private grant money like the $3 million in Zuckerbucks was used and more information about the shady Request for Proposal (RFP) and the process of acquiring Dominion as an election vendor,” the report said.

“Facebook is known to interfere with American elections through content algorithms and censorship of certain information. We will now know how radical leftist Secretary of State used Facebook’s money to combat ‘misinformation and disinformation,’” the report said, adding, “Post-election, big tech is removing and censoring pro-audit pages and pages that question the 2020 election’s legitimacy. This is an attack on the Constitution.”

Along with this, we have also learned a lot about the rather strange acquisition of Dominion Voting Systems, which has been outlined in Merissa Hamilton’s Arizona 2020 Election Briefing Note.

“The AZ SOS Equipment Certification Advisory Committee conducted the only publicly available review of Dominion 5.5B. Anti-Trump, Antifa apologist, Dominion executive Eric Coomer led two sales demos, instead of a formal Committee-driven technical analysis, to satisfy the State certification requirement. The Committee did not produce any examination reports of their findings. Only meeting minutes on October 29th, 2019 and January 28th, 2020 are publicly available, documenting the sales demos,” Hamilton reports.

“In the AZ SOS October 29th meeting, Coomer says the login for adjudication is set-up as one login per adjudication team instead of an individual user. Maricopa County chose not to have full traceability and chain of custody by logging each adjudicator’s user name on their machines during the election,” she continues.

“On page 31 of the RFP, Dominion insists on a requirement that they ‘must fully participate in and support the County’s final election readiness security audit.’ Direct mandatory participation in a security activity is an unusual request as the industry standard is for technology companies to always be an arms-length distance for security purposes,” she added.

“On the day before Early Voting began on October 6th, 2020, Maricopa County published a video called ‘Vote Centers: Inside Look’ that displayed all of the Dominion USB ports of the voting machines were open and unsealed. Open USB ports was the top security concern causing Texas to reject Dominion’s software model,” Hamilton went on to say.

The great state of Texas actually refused to use Dominion machines due to all of these security issues, but the folks in Maricopa County, along with their Secretary of State, seemed to think it was just the right equipment for the job.

Kind of suspicious, right?

The AZ Auditor General is currently making preparations to carry out a financial audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election.

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