Dominion Whistleblower Speaks: “What I Put Out On The Dominion Evidence Is Roughly 1% Of What We Are Holding”

( Exclusive) – Ron Watkins, also known as CodeMonkeyZ, put out several photographs earlier this week that were leaked to him by an alleged employee of Dominion Voting Systems who has turned into a whistleblower against the company.

According to Gateway Pundit, the information that Watkins has received is absolute proof that Dominion had access to the machines used in the 2020 election during the time the votes were being cast and counted.

Here are a few pages from the documentation that CodeMonkeyZ received (screen shots here and here).

“Our whistleblower is not from Arizona. Our whistleblower is from one of the many other states that used the Dominion software. Our whistleblower went to excruciating effort to detail and archive everything possible. Our whistleblower was trusted enough to be given instructions on how to modify the BIOS,” Watkins said.

Here’s a video that contains proof that John Poulos, the CEO of Dominion, actually lied while he was under oath about his company having remote access to the machines.

“The whistleblower reached out with footage filmed of the Dominion Election Management System inside an election center in one of the states that used Dominion software and hardware (not Arizona),” CodeMonkeyZ said.

“As you will see in the video, the whistleblower initially discusses with a Dominion employee about who holds the BIOS password and it is discovered that the STATE is keeping the password – not Dominion, and not the county,” he continued.

“Later, the whistleblower asks the Dominion employee about connectivity and whether or not the machines can be connected to the internet…” he added.

“With just 1 minute and 17 seconds, we expose their most egregious lie,” CodeMonkeyZ stated.

Watkins actually spoke with GP on Wednesday morning and said that the Dominion whistleblower reached out to him recently.

The individual was working inside the election tabulation room in one of the bigger counties. The state was not mentioned in order to protect the whistleblower.

“The video I put out was 1 minute 13 seconds and I’ve got approximately 30 minutes of video total,” Ron said to GP.

“There’s a lot of documents and there’s a lot of secret stuff I’m holding back on for now. And what you’ve seen is NOT the whole thing,” he added.

GP then asks Ron how he was able to confirm the documents were authentic.

“The video is absolutely where it claims to be from. The screenshots that I posted in the video are highly cropped. The rest of the footage is obviously inside the Dominion server room. You can see all different people and their names. The reason I cropped it out is that once one of those people are known they know which tabulation center that is then our whistleblower is in danger. I don’t know if the whistleblower is still working there or what’s going on,” Watkins replied.

Watkins was asked if he confirmed the individual actually worked for Dominion, to which he said yes. Right after this, Watkins dropped the huge bomb.

“And what I put out is maybe 1% is conservative. Maybe 1% of 1%. What I put out is highly focused because it caught the CEO of Dominion in perjury. He said there’s no way these machines can be connected in his Michigan testimony. Well they can be… Technically they can be connected by the administration BIOS,” he said.

“Something else that concerned me. The fact is the USB’s are enabled on the server. And the checkbox for USB boot is enabled also… That means if you put an operating system on a USB and then you plug into the machine and turn it on, it’s possible to boot the operating system from the USB and not use the one from the hard drive. So technically you can have two operating systems on one system,” Watkins went on to reveal.

He also went on to say that he’s very concerned about his personal safety. Pray for him, folks. This is getting real serious.

All of this is coming about as Maricopa County officials in Arizona continue to duck and dodge subpoenas which have requested passwords and other important information that would help complete the forensic audit happening in the state.

“Maricopa County long ago provided to the Arizona Senate everything competent auditors would need to affirm the accuracy and security of the November General Election,” Maricopa County Board of Supervisors chairman Jack Sellers went on to say in a statement put out after a closed-door session of the board held on Monday morning.

This goes to show you that liberals are trying their best to hide what really happened on November 3 last year. Let’s hope this evidence gets out and folks are held accountable for stealing our election.

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