CDC Issues Travel Advisory For 12 Of 13 Most Vaccinated Countries In the World Now

( Exclusive) – We’ve found out in recent weeks that the almighty coronavirus vaccine that was supposed to make all things better and usher in our normal way of life after all of the hoopla and loss of freedom we experienced over the course of the last year and a half, is actually not really all that effective.

It seems you can still catch COVID if you’ve been vaccinated and can still spread it around too. So what is the point of the vaccine? Apparently, it’s so that if you catch the illness, it won’t be as bad. That’s what they say anyway, but who knows if that’s true?

And then, thanks to a report from Gateway Pundit, we now know that 12 out of the 13 most vaccinated countries in the world are now being listed by the CDC as travel risks (screen shot here). Again, what was the point of this vaccine?

Here are the countries listed as a very high risk: Malta, United Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Chile, Uruguay, Bahrain, Mongolia.

Now here are the high risk: Iceland, Qatar, Belgium, Canada, Israel.

Low risk is only one country, which is Singapore. Data for both Bahrain and Bhutan is currently unavailable.

So why is it that the most vaccinated countries on the planet are places now deemed to be the highest risk of catching the coronavirus?

The vaccine has been on some shady ground as of late, especially since much of the mainstream media is refusing to chat about all of the folks who are experiencing severe reactions and side effects to the shots.

Wouldn’t want to destroy that progressive narrative, would we?

According to Infowars, a doctor has been trying to warn people that the vast majority of individuals who have been vaccinated might end up with permanent heart damage and could potentially die within three years of taking the shots.

“During a Zoom meeting with other medical professionals, Dr. Charles Hoffe explained he’s been running a study on recently vaccinated patients, having them take D-dimer blood tests to determine whether they have blood clots,” the report said.

“So far I’ve got 62 percent positive elevated D-dimer, which means that the blood clots are not rare,” Hoffe stated while conversing with his fellow physicians.

“That’s what the so-called experts keep telling us: ‘The clots are rare.’ The big ones are rare, but the small ones are clearly happening in the majority of people, 62 percent,” he continued.

“Dr. Hoffe says the clots, which could number in the thousands and are hard to detect due to their microscopic size, are caused by messenger RNA molecules in the vaccine which cause spike proteins to form, which in turn attach to the cell walls of a cell impeding blood flow and damaging blood vessels,” the Infowars report stated.

“So normally the cells that surround your blood vessels have to be very, very smooth to enable good and unimpeded flow of blood, but as soon as you’ve got all these little spike proteins that become part of the cell wall it’s now a rough surface. It’s going to be like a very coarse sandpaper. It’s now what the platelets are going to interpret as a damaged vessel. It’s no longer smooth. It’s rough. So clotting is inevitable because the platelets that come down that vessel are going to hit a rough spot and assume this must be a damaged vessel. This vessel needs to be blocked to stop the bleeding. That’s how our clotting works. So…because of this and because of the nature of this, clots are inevitable, because of these spike proteins in the capillary networks,” the doctor said.

The problem here is that the vessels that are damaged do not regenerate like other tissues and organs do. Instead they stay permanently damaged, and because the blood clots are so small and scattered around, they can easily bypass basic medical detection methods.

Hoffe was actually placed under a gag order by the Canadian government after he attempted to warn folks about this worrisome trend, stating this process might be the reason why almost all of the people who have been vaccinated have had similar negative side effects.

“In fact, all of the frequent side effects of the shot, which are headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, could all be signs of cerebral thrombosis on a capillary level. I mean…literally you could be having thousands and thousands of tiny, tiny little clots in your brain that won’t show on a scan, but they will give you those exact symptoms,” Hoffe went on to say.

Too bad the left does not truly care about the safety of the American people. If they did, then this kind of information would be taken seriously and the claims investigated and tested so as to provide protection against negative side effects.

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