Swing State Revolts Against Joe Biden

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime have made a mess of the US and the world. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the news about the Afghanistan government collapsing and the Taliban moving in and taking over Kabul.

The world, specifically the US, is a whole lot less safe now and where’s Joe Biden? On vacation. When Biden did return to Washington DC briefly to finally address this debacle, he essentially blamed Trump and then went back on vacation.

Joe Biden is a clown and some video billboards in Wilmington, North Carolina perfectly depict that. The billboards ruthlessly mock Biden and his major failure in Afghanistan. Over the weekend, two meme images began being hilariously displayed on the boards located off Eastwood Road.

One of the images shows Biden looking utterly stupid and incompetent while eating ice cream with a Chinook helicopter in the background transporting people off the roof of the US embassy in Kabul.

The other picture shows Biden pulling down window blinds and creepily peering outside, representative of how he took a vacation and has stayed in hiding at Camp David as the Afghanistan crisis unfolded.

Many on social media were skeptical that the billboards were real. The skepticism led one man to take a trip to Eastman Road and prove to the world that the signs were, in fact, real, though it remains unclear who is responsible for the entertaining signs.

The billboards in North Carolina aren’t the only ones sending the message that Joe Biden is weak and incompetent.

On Tuesday, the Taliban trolled Joe Biden with a picture that ended up on Twitter of several fighters posing with ice cream cones.

It’s pretty clear what the Taliban think of Joe Biden. They unabashedly mocked him for being weak and proved that they have absolutely no fear of him.

What’s more is the Taliban even made comments regarding the oppression of free speech under Biden by the Big Tech oligarchy during a press conference. It’s bad when the Taliban is slamming America over freedom of speech restrictions.

Biden has yet to speak to any foreign leaders about the situation in Afghanistan and even if he did, it would accomplish nothing. America is back to being weak and incompetent on the world stage.

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