Huge! Wisconsin House Speaker Calls For “CYBER FORENSIC AUDIT” Of 2020 Presidential Election Results

( Exclusive) – While some state legislatures wasted no time at all getting on top of the election corruption in their states, namely Arizona, others have been slow to act like Wisconsin and Michigan.

Now, it appears as though things might start to get serious in Wisconsin. State Speaker Robin Vos has refused to order a forensic audit of the state’s 2020 election results for months since the fraudulent election.

He appears to have had a change of heart.

Vos just took a trip down to Alabama last weekend with President Trump along with his top staff members to attend the massive rally that was held.

To say it was massive is truthfully an understatement. Thousands upon thousands of freedom-loving American patriots showed up to see Trump and hear him speak.

Vos not only attended this patriotic event but traveled there with Trump himself.

It would have been shocking if he wouldn’t have had a change of heart. Now he’s calling for a forensic audit.

NBC15 reported Vos spent the day with Trump discussing his plans to restore election integrity and trust in Wisconsin.

“While our attempts to make common sense election reforms to close loopholes and standardize procedures were vetoed by Governor Evers, we have doubled down on our top-to-bottom investigation by Special Counsel Justice Michael Gableman,” says Vos. “We will do whatever it takes to help Justice Gableman uncover reports of systematic fraud in our forensic audit.”

Then on Wednesday, Vos made the call for a “cyber forensic audit” of the state’s 2020 election results, marking the first time Vos has expressed his interest to pursue an audit (screen shot here).

Wisconsin grassroots leader Jefferson E. Davis sent out a list of updates from the state on Wednesday including a map showing the efforts to turn Wisconsin red and information about an Ad-hoc Committee meeting in which they discussed how to “politely and professionally approach Legislators to encourage them to support the ‘full forensic cyber audit’ now being called for by Vos.

There are big things starting to happen in Wisconsin and all thanks to Speaker Vos spending the day with President Trump and seeing thousands of Americans gathered together who know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the election was rigged and stolen.

Vos likely thought about all the crises now facing the US and the dangerous direction our country is heading in and realized that all of this could have been completely avoided had the Democrats been stopped from stealing the election.

Republicans and their complacency allowed the election to be taken from the American people and now it’s time they made things right.

Forensic audits are needed immediately to prove the corruption of the 2020 election. Whether or not anything can be done to stop Biden until 2024, the truth still needs to come out. The American people deserve at least that especially after all the abuse we’ve been made to endure from the radical left for refusing to bow down to the usurper Biden.

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