HUGE: WHO Releases Terrifying Plan For Global Digital Vaccine Passports Funded By Bill Gates, Rockefeller Foundation

( Exclusive) – The World Health Organization has now released a new proposal that is being backed by two globalist organizations that will serve as a blueprint for governments all over the world to implement a worldwide vaccine passport verification system.

If that doesn’t scare you, then you obviously aren’t grasping the totality of what this means. What better way for progressive elites to control the population than through the old Nazi tradition of “show me your papers” given a high-tech makeover?

The document in question is titled, “Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status,” is being funded by billionaire progressive Bill Gates and his organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with the Rockefeller Foundation.

According to Infowars, the document describes all of the technical guidance for governments to implement this program and ultimately usher in a new global digital ID, all in the name of protecting folks from COVID (screen shot here).

“This document lays out an approach for creating a signed digital version of a vaccination record for COVID-19 based on a core data set of key information to be recorded, and an approach for the digital signature. The document leverages existing free and open standards, and is driven by the ethics, use cases and requirements for Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status (DDCC:VS),” the documentation reads.

“This document is therefore software-agnostic and provides a starting point for Member States to design, develop and deploy a DDCC:VS solution for national use in whichever format best suits their needs (e.g. a paper card with a one-dimensional [1D] barcode or QR code stickers, or a fully functioning smartphone application developed internationally or locally),” the document continues (screen shot here).

“The primary target audience of this document is national authorities tasked with creating or overseeing the development of a digital vaccination certificate solution for COVID-19. The document may also be useful to government partners such as local businesses, international organizations, non- governmental organizations and trade associations, that may be required to support Member States in developing or deploying a DDCC:VS solution,” it adds.

This program is meant to be used at schools, places of employment, for international travel, and to help with contact tracing. The document also goes on to show a proposed vaccine passport template (screen shot here), which features a QR code on the front, but further on in the application it reveals personal information concerning the number of vaccines a person has received.

Folks, this is some scary stuff. They are going to use COVID as a means of justifying constant booster shots for the virus, pumping people full of who knows what, and if you try to refuse to take your shots, they will use this passport as a means of shaming you or depriving you of necessary items in order to force you to take them.

“A similar vaccine passport project in the works, called CommonPass, is also backed by the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum (WEF),” the report said.

“It’s notable how the only groups actively pushing for global vaccine passports are also the main proponents of the so-called Great Reset, a post-human plan outlined by WEF founder Klaus Schwab which seeks to deindustrialize the West, abolish private property, introduce biometric surveillance, and move humanity to a diet of bugs in the name of fighting climate change,” Infowars stated.

Infowars recently reported on how Bill Gates’ foundation has also been working closely with China, you know, the country where the coronavirus originated from, in order to promote Beijing’s global medical clout.

“In January 2020, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced that it would donate $10 million to contain the spread of the coronavirus in China and Africa,” the report stated.

“The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation closely cooperated with Beijing to enable the sale of Chinese-produced medications outside China, new emails have revealed,” it continued.

“The documents, recently released from the US-based National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under Dr Anthony Fauci, were obtained by the American activist group Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act request,” Infowars said.

The email contains a report that was made back on Sept.5, 2017 by Ping Chen, a NIAID representative in China, who shared with her colleagues that she attended a Gates Foundation meeting that “initially planned to talk about global malaria eradication efforts”.

“The participants, however, ‘ended talking in general Chinese policies and the foundation’s current strategies in China – capacity building to help China raise its national standards and leverage China’s resources to help others,’ according to Ping,” Infowars revealed.

“She mentioned the Gates Foundation providing funding for China’s National Medical Products Administration, previously known as China’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to appoint experienced Chinese-Americans who had worked at the US FDA to work in the Chinese agency,” the report continued.

Ping then also went on to claim that the Gates Foundation “is working with the Chinese government” to help promote Beijing’s medical clout in other countries around the world, like Africa.

“More specifically, it helps Chinese companies to gain pre-qualification on medications so that Chinese company-manufactured drugs can be sold outside China, helps the Chinese to establish bilateral collaboration with specific countries in Africa, teaches the Chinese how to do resource mobilisation, and helps raise China’s voice of governance by placing representatives from China on important international counsels as high level commitment from China”, the NIAID spokeswoman went on to say.

Over the course of the last few years, the Chinese government has been working hard to expand its clout in Africa, with the Heritage Foundation, a US-based think tank, reporting just last year that “Beijing likely has better surveillance access to Africa than anywhere else by having built or renovated at least 186 African government buildings.”

Ping also referred to a meeting in the email with a group of folks from the Global Virome Project, which aims to take on “high impact viral epidemics and pandemics” and is partially being funded by the USAID, which stands for United States Agency for International Development.

“The head of the project, Peter Daszak of [the] EcoHealth Alliance, is an NIAID funded Pl [private investigator]. His collaborator at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China has done excellent work on coronaviruses in Chinese bat populations”, the NIAID representative pointed out.

“Ping was apparently referring to WIV Deputy Director Shi Zhengli, a top Chinese virologist, who was dubbed “Bat Woman” by the Chinese media for her consistent work with bat coronaviruses and included in Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020,” Infowars said.

Not long after these emails were released by the NIAID, Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, demanded that the Gates Foundation “explain the government report about its assistance to and advocacy for China.”

Terrifying stuff, folks.

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