BETRAYED: Biden Regime Disconnects State Dept. Help Line For Americans Stranded In Afghanistan

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden has betrayed the American people routinely since usurping the White House but perhaps his most egregious betrayal came after the Taliban stormed and took over Afghanistan.

Thousands of Americans were suddenly left stranded and Joe Biden and his regime could not have cared less.

Instead they patted themselves on the back and claimed to have carried out a job well done. Indeed it was a job well done when you consider their motives are to create global instability and flood the US with millions of migrants from all over the world.

The Biden regime had no problem extracting thousands of Afghan refugees, none of which can be properly vetted and have been relocated to a neighborhood near you, yet there still remains hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans trapped in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

In a brazen display of indifference towards these stranded Americans, the Biden administration shut down one of their only lifelines.

On Wednesday, Newsmax host Heather Childers played an audio clip live on her show of a State Department voicemail from a line that the Biden administration has disconnected.

The phone number was specifically for Americans stranded in Afghanistan to call to attempt to return home to the US.

As if the Biden regime could do any less for these Americans, now they’ve actually disconnected the line.

The message from the State Dept. played by Childers on her show says, “You’ve reached the Department of State number formerly used to provide general information on the Afghan special immigrant visa, or SIV program. This number is not currently operational. Please visit… (website).”

There is no mistaking Biden’s complete lack of concern for these Americans left behind in Afghanistan.

Those left behind have been turning to private rescue groups as they know the US federal government has completely abandoned them.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Emily Miller has been working with private groups to rescue these Americans and since her group posted a secure email address for them to reach out to, it has been completely flooded with requests.

This is Biden’s America. There is no hope for these Americans who have been stranded, at least none from the federal government.

What an absolutely sad state of affairs. The Americans still remaining in Afghanistan are in a seriously dangerous predicament and Joe Biden has not only left them there to face possible execution at the hands of the Taliban but he’s proclaimed that his administration has handled the situation exceedingly well.

It’s truly sick.

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