Joe Rogan Says Biden’s Live TV Booster Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine Was All Theater

( Exclusive) – By now, we’ve all seen the bizarre booster shot charade put on by Biden and his cohorts that took place on a fake White House mockup set last week. It was clearly political theater at its finest but we’re all supposed to believe Dear Leader Biden actually received a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot live on TV.

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan and guest Mike Baker expressed doubt that Biden actually received the shot during a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

“I think if they were gonna give him a booster shot, the last thing they would do is give it to him live on television,” Rogan speculated.

“What if he dies? What if he blacks out? What if he, like, gets it and faints? Like, because people have had very bad reactions like in the moment for whatever reason,” he continued.

“Unless Kamala Harris talked him into it. She’s like, ‘go ahead, take it. Give him a double!,’” Rogan joked.

Mike Baker, a former CIA officer, agreed with Rogan and called the made-for-TV event, “performance art.”

He further explained how those in positions of power often take extra precautions when it comes to “the messaging, the optics, the security issues related to it. It would be not unheard of” for the public jabbing to be staged, he seemed to imply.

He pointed out that when people go for the COVID shots they are typically instructed to wait around for 10 to 15 minutes to make sure they don’t have any adverse reactions. We’ve all seen the “COVID vaccine waiting areas” in Wal-Mart’s and pharmacies.

Yet, this precaution was overlooked with Biden and is yet another reason why it’s unlikely the president of the US, especially one as frail and weak as Biden, would actually receive any kind of vaccine live on TV.

Also during the exchange, Rogan pointed out how the COVID vaccines were “sold” as if they were going to miraculously eradicate the virus when that has not been the case at all.

“Fauci was literally on TV saying ‘you won’t get it, and you won’t spread it to anybody.’ Both those things are patently false,” he asserted.

Naturally, leftist COVID zealots on Twitter didn’t take too kindly to Rogan’s skepticism over Biden’s booster shot performance.

Rogan is likely used to being a source of contention for unhinged leftists who can’t handle anyone publicly expressing opinions different from their own.

He previously came under fire for saying that he believes the COVID vaccines are effective but that young, healthy people do not need to get them. He did subsequently walk back that comment after backlash, though he still said the media did not accurately portray what he actually said.

He’s also spoken out against vaccine mandates saying it’s bringing the US “one step closer to dictatorship.” He’s definitely not wrong about that.

Good for Rogan for not being afraid to speak up and question the narrative we’re being sold. Things aren’t adding up and it’s time for more people to stand up and ask questions too.

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