ALERT: Donald Trump Issues Chilling China Warning — Your Response?

( Exclusive) – President Donald Trump delivered a serious warning on Wednesday saying that the weak leadership of the Democratic Party could end up getting our country into a war with China.

According to Infowars, Trump said, “Because the Election was rigged, and America now has weak and corrupt leadership, we may very well end up in a war with China who no longer respects the USA.”

The comment was written in a post that was published and distributed by his Save America PAC.

“The only thing the Radical Left Democrats, who are destroying our Nation, are good at is rigging Elections and criminal activity, while always blaming the other side through corrupt prosecutors and prosecutions,” Trump said (screen shot here).

Another story from our friends at Infowars details President Trump’s comments about the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and how it paves the way for China and Russia to reverse-engineer a lot of the abandoned equipment that was left in the country.

“According to estimates by US Central Command (CENTCOM), the American military has left at least 170 pieces in Afghanistan after a chaotic withdrawal from the country. This number has already prompted concern from Republican lawmakers, who called for a “full account” of US military hardware abandoned in Afghanistan,” the report points out.

Trump recently sat down for an interview with Sharyl Attkisson, who is the host of the “Full Measure” program, calling the withdrawal “incompetent,” and making the claim that our country’s adversaries could take advantage of the fact we abandoned all that equipment in Afghanistan.

“Now I’m saying, ‘How can they take this equipment?’ And I guarantee that China and Russia already have our Apache helicopters and they’re taking them apart to find out exactly how they’re made. They’re the best in the world by far. And they’re taking them apart so they can make the exact same equipment. They’re very good at that. It’s a disgrace,” Trump went on to say.

“I don’t know because you have people going all over the world and being dropped all over the world right now, and nobody knows who the hell they are”, Trump continued. “These aren’t the interpreters that we took. These were people that rushed into the planes, and they were so interested in trying to make it sound like ‘Oh, they’re doing a good job.’”

Trump then said that refugees are “going to be terrorists” because “they were very powerful” and “very energetic in getting onto the aircraft.”

“Republican lawmakers have repeatedly expressed concern about the decommissioned military equipment ditched by US forces in Afghanistan, with many calling for a ‘full account’ of the assets and a detailed list of demilitarized equipment left behind amid the chaotic withdrawal,” the report stated.

Trump is right on the money. These other countries would be foolish not to take advantage of the fact we left all of this cutting edge technology and equipment behind. You can guarantee they will find a way to reverse-engineer it, thus allowing them to make their military equipment more advanced and putting our troops at risk if future altercations occur.

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