BREAKING: Over 284,000 Maricopa County Ballots Lacked Evidence That It Was The Original Ballot Received

( Exclusive) – According to a new report published by the good folks over at Gateway Pundit, over 284,000 ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona are missing their original corresponding image. That means that one out of every ten ballots that was cast during the 2020 presidential election is missing its original ballot image.

And yet, the left is still trying to say there wasn’t any fraud in the election, when clearly there is a mountain of evidence that exists to prove otherwise.

A brand new video from Jovan Pulitzer reveals that the original ballot image for these 284,000 ballots in the county is missing, which again, is one out of ten.

One has to wonder how a person can claim, with a straight face, that this election wasn’t stolen when there’s more and more evidence of fraud emerging with every day that passes? Regardless of whether or not any action is taken to reverse the results of this election, we at the minimum need to pass legislation that will prevent massive voter fraud from ever happening again.

A report from GP that was published back in May featured the actual eye witness account of correspondent Jordan Conradson of the forensic audit that was done in Maricopa County at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

“On Saturday, May 1st, I volunteered to observe the Maricopa County Audit process at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona. Upon arrival, I checked in with the police at the entrance, who confirmed my name was on the list and directed me to the coliseum entrance. When I entered the building, I went through more check-in procedures, received my name badge, and locked all of my belongings in a locker with a security code. I was only allowed a red pen and a piece of paper on me while observing,” Conradson said.

“I was told that this was the most secure and transparent process in history. This rang true as I witnessed the measures they are taking to ensure integrity and confidence in the forensic audit system,” the correspondent continued.

“The first thing I noticed was the videographer, who documents and records everything (ex. any issue with ballots upon opening box). I observed teams of three “counters” checking each ballot on a rotating table and adding a timestamp to each tally sheet. I saw that the counting of votes was in good hands and was being performed with speed, accuracy, and honor. It was a smooth process,” Conradson stated.

He then revealed that once a box of ballots is counted, the ballot box chain of custody then receives an update to reflect the count.

“Then the ballot is taken to a forensic scanning station to test the weight, texture, ballot watermarks, and vote bubbles. These tests are used to authenticate the ballot. Each ballot is photographed; a forensic scan is taken, ballots are numbered and issues are recorded on the paper examination log. After this process is completed, the chain of custody is updated again and the box is sealed with the tape color of the team who counted. Everything that happens in this room is recorded and documented – Everything! This process may have more checks and balances than our current executive branch or any branch of government,” he said.

“As an observer, we wore orange shirts to separate us, and we were given very clear and specific instructions. The floor used tape to create lanes for observers to walk in, and we were not to go near the counting tables, nor speak to the counters. We could only speak to other supervisors to report our concerns and other observers. My job was to provide oversight and report anything that I felt compromised the security of the process. I saw nothing that concerned me, and I believe this process is very secure. Another observer, who observed the previous audit, told me that this was much more organized,” he continued.

Conradson then detailed how two observers caught his attention due to the fact they weren’t wearing orange shirts, but pink ones. He went on to ask one of these individuals why they were wearing that color and the individual said, “I’m from the Secretary of State’s office.”

He then declined to talk to Conradson any further.

“Every other time I saw him, he was whispering to his comrade, who was also in a pink shirt. Katie Hobbs has repeatedly called this audit a farce and “The Big Lie”, but her two minions surely see that this audit is in fact not a lie,” the GP correspondent said.

Folks, there is far too much evidence to continue to ignore the fraud that resulted in the theft of the election away from Donald Trump. He should be in office right now, leading our country and helping to maintain peace on the geopolitical stage.

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