Left Goes Wild After Fox Reporter Claims ‘Vaccine Concerns Raised’ By Fully-Vaxxed Colin Powell’s Death

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Colin Powell, 84, has passed away after contracting COVID-19. Powell was “double vaccinated” and while he was immunocompromised as he suffered from myeloma, it seems that the vaccines did not lessen his risk of dying from the virus, as they have been advertised to do.

Fox News reporter John Roberts questioned the effectiveness of the vaccines in a tweet after Powell’s death which caused an unmitigated meltdown from crazed blue checkmark liberals on Twitter.

In the since deleted tweet, Roberts simply and reasonably observed that Powell’s death from a breakthrough COVID-19 infection might raise questions as to the vaccine’s long-term efficacy.

“The fact that Colin Powell died from a breakthrough COVID infection raises new concerns about how effective vaccines are long-term,” the White House correspondent tweeted.

There is absolutely no tolerance, however, for common sense and rational observations. The blue checks descended on Roberts without hesitation.

Meanwhile, in a Facebook post Monday, Powell’s family made it a point to note that Powell was “fully vaccinated.” Naturally, the post received a Facebook vaccine advisory.

Clearly Big Pharma and the CDC are aware that vaccine efficacy wanes over time. That’s their entire argument for wanting to force booster jabs onto everyone. Being “double vaccinated” just isn’t enough. The COVID-mongers want all Americans to be vaccinated over and over and over again until forever.

So, it’s really fascinating to watch the unhinged liberals of the Twittersphere absolutely lose their minds over a simple and mundane suggestion that the vaccines lose effectiveness over time after the very type of person the vaccines are designed to supposedly protect and keep alive, has died.

What seems most likely is that Powell’s “breakthrough case” was actually an adverse reaction to the vaccines. Nonetheless, the Big Pharma Twitter shills quickly went to town, attacking Roberts and his tweet, claiming that he ignored the fact that Powell was 84 and suffering from blood cancer.

Apparently they are ignoring the fact that the vaccines technically should have protected Powell and prevented his death but the vaccines clearly failed. Roberts was right to question their efficacy. In fact, he didn’t go far enough.

Cue the hysterics:

Naturally, Roberts eventually walked back his tweet and deleted it, then gave a free advertisement for the vaccines. You won’t catch anyone in the mainstream really questioning the vaccines (with the exception of Tucker Carlson) or expressing opposition for them. Somehow, Big Pharma has managed to accomplish complete and total synchronized vaccine support within the media and federal government.

If you think the vaccines will protect you from dying, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

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