Video: Unvaxxed State Trooper Signs Off For Final Time: Governor ‘Can Kiss My ***’

( Exclusive) – America is rapidly devolving into a full-blown authoritarian state thanks to the corrupt Biden regime.

Americans are being forced to either submit to the demands of the federal government and get the experimental COVID-19 vaccines for the virus that has a 99.5% survival rate or lose their jobs and their livelihoods.

How is this freedom? It certainly is not.

While millions of Americans have kowtowed and complied with unconstitutional vaccine mandates and demands, thousands have put their foot down and taken a stand for medical freedom and true bodily autonomy, putting it all on the line.

On Friday, after 22 years with the Washington State Patrol, Robert LaMay signed off for the last time, before resigning as a result of Democratic Governor Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandates. As he said his final goodbye he had a simple message for Inslee, “Kiss my a**.”

The deadline for getting vaccinated passed on Monday for Washington State Patrol and the department has had to prepare for the loss of as many as 100 troopers. LaMay, of Yakima County, was one of those troopers.

In a video he took of his last call on the dispatch radio, LaMay, just three years away from full retirement, thanked his colleagues for their work and support and emotionally said goodbye to the job he dedicated over two decades of his life to.

“This is my final sign-off. After 22 years of serving the citizens of the state of Washington, I’m being asked to leave because I am dirty,” LaMay announced, referring to his unvaccinated status. “Numerous fatalities, injuries, I’ve worked sick, I’ve played sick. We’ve buried lots of friends over these years. I’d like to thank you guys. I’d like to thank the citizens of Yakima County as well as my fellow officers within the valley. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have been very successful. And you kept me safe and got me to my family every night. Thank you for that.”

LaMay, a Christian married father of four, became visibly emotional as he continued.

“I wish I could say more, but this is it, so state 10-34, this is the last time you’ll hear me in a state patrol car. And Jay Inslee can kiss my ***.”

LaMay received praise from employees at the communications center who recalled his service, including delivering a baby while on patrol in Bremerton during his first year.

He has received the Red Cross Real Life Hero award, two WSP Commission Awards, was named WSP Commercial Vehicle Division Trooper of the Year in 2007, 2008, and 2009 and received the Washington Traffic Safety Commission certificate of appreciation for seat belt enforcement.

“You’ve been a great role model and mentor for all young troopers serving in the area by sharing your knowledge and experience throughout the years. Thank you for your service,” the dispatch operator said.

LaMay was an outstanding trooper and now, thanks to unconstitutional vaccine mandates, will no longer be serving and protecting the people of Washington state.

Naturally, Inslee’s mandate is one of the most strict in the entire country. It applies to around 800,000 state workers, long-term care employees, teachers and staff at the state school’s and the Washington State Patrol.

While exemptions are technically allowed for medical or religious objections, they are only granted if a job accommodation can be made that removes the worker from contact with the public. Clearly this is an unreasonable and impractical caveat designed to ensure there are few, if any, exemptions actually approved.

The Seattle Police Department, already seriously understaffed thanks to progressive defunding, is bracing for the loss of another 200 or more officers thanks to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s mandate for which the deadline was also Monday.

LaMay said in an interview Monday with Fox News that “over the last month it’s been nothing but just beating up our fellow employees, constantly telling them they have to vax.”

“We worked eighteen months without having any type of issues. And now suddenly we have to have these mandatory vaccines,” he said. “So that’s, not taking the vaccine was not even a question. The process, how they did it was ridiculous and making people do this or you’re losing your job was ridiculous.”

The whole thing is ridiculous. Good, hard-working Americans are finding themselves out of a job because of their refusal to be injected with an experimental “vaccine” for a virus they’ve likely either already had or come in contact with and survived just fine.

Further, the vaccines are far more dangerous for healthy people than COVID itself. Americans should not have to decide between possibly suffering vaccine injury or death or losing their livelihoods. Yet, here we are.

Elections really do have consequences, especially stolen ones.

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