‘This Is What They Do!’: Pizza-Delivery Guy Has Meltdown, Goes Bonkers On Driver With Trump Flag (VIDEO)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – A new, very graphic video is now making its way around social media that allegedly shows a pizza delivery driver getting into a massive confrontation filled to the brim with cuss words with another motorist who happened to be flying a flag that showed support for President Donald Trump on his pickup truck.

According to the folks over at WND, the incident caught on video first starting gaining traction after it was shared over the weekend by J.R. Majewski, who is a big pro-Trump congressional candidate in Cleveland, Ohio.

“A good friend of mine, one of the nicest guys you’ll meet, was almost driven off the road, and then threatened by a @PapaJohns driver near Cleveland Ohio. Because he has a Trump Flag on his truck,” Majewski, who is a U.S. Air Force veteran, went on to say about the footage.


The video itself does not provide the reason for why the confrontation happened in the first place.

Adam Radonga, who is Majewski’s pro-Trump friend, posted up several videos on his Facebook page following the incident.

“We’re in a free country. I can put what the f*** I want on my truck,” Radogna goes on to tell the pizza delivery man.

Then, at one point, the delivery driver says to Radogna, “If you get your b**** a** out of that truck, and agree to mutual contact, I will beat the f*** out of you.”

“This is the problem with you f*****g liberals,” Radogna replied. “That’s all you guys do… You don’t even know what the f*** you’re talking about.”

Majewski also posted on Twitter that “he has the entire altercation on video. Police were called, did nothing… the manager won’t watch the video.”

“Police eventually came to the scene and warned Radogna he could be arrested for trespassing if he didn’t leave the Papa John’s pizza outlet where he was looking to show the video to the manager,” the report said.

Here’s a small sample of some of the responses the tweets received on Twitter:

“Hey, you got him on video. File a complaint! Go up Papa Johns corporate ladder and file a complaint!” A user replied.

“Not to disparage pizza delivery folks, but at his age this is all he has going for him? No wonder he’s an angry dude. When one does not have the intellect one resorts to threats of physical violence,” another stated in the comments.

“Chances are that if Trump was still his president, he’d have a better job than pizza delivery!” A Twitter user quipped.

“I bet whoever’s pizza is in there is cold by now,” said another.

A report from BizPacReview reveals that Majewski is currently running against incumbent U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur for the seat in the Ohio 9th congressional district, located in the Toledo area.

It seems that all of that bogus unity talk that Biden pushed while running for president has come to naught. He didn’t help unite this country at all. In fact, he’s further divided us all along lines of vaccinated and unvaccinated, and with his rhetoric has emboldened folks like this mentally unstable pizza guy to threaten physical violence against those he disagrees with politically.

Great job, Joe!

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