MUST WATCH: 2nd Grader Suspended 38 Times For Not Wearing Mask… Tells School Board: “I Hope Ya’ll Go To Jail” [VIDEO]

( Exclusive) – A second grader from the state of Florida, who has been suspended a whopping 38 times from school for refusing to wear a face mask, recently confronted her local school board, where she made the assertion they all should be tossed in jail.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you raise a child right.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, Fiona Lashells (pictured here), who just celebrated her 8th birthday, recently told the folks at the Tampa Bay School board exactly how she feels about their “rules.”

We have ourselves a little patriot in the making here.

The girl’s mother, Bailey Lashells, told The Free Press that her daughter is “on a mission to take back, not only her rights but every American child’s constitutional rights from the tyrant school board.”

Fiona is not just laying down and taking these suspensions. She has spoken at two school board meetings, directly confronting the individuals who are in the process of ruining her education.

During her second appearance at a school board meeting, the elementary school student stated that she thinks masks are dirty and pointless.

Fiona went on to say, “ok yeah, I hope you all go to jail for doing so to me,” which resulted in a huge round of applause from the crowd in attendance. The young girl then went on to add that her family is proud of her and that the rules “suck.”

“You can keep suspending me… I still have the right not to wear a mask,” Fiona went on to say, during her comments, standing firm in the fight for her freedom, “It is not fair that I’m getting punished because you guys, the school board, are not following the law. That is not fair, it just isn’t right, I’m still going to stand up for what I believe in and nothing’s gonna change my mind.”

I’m doing it for other kids and just myself,” Fiona said to Fox 8.

Fiona’s mom also stated that her daughter has been told that she’s going to fail the second grade, despite the fact she’s completed all of her assignments.

“Fiona is a strong-minded and fearless young girl who was ready to conquer the world at 7,” she went on to tell the newspaper. “Unfortunately, the blows just seem to not stop as she was recently told after completing every assignment her teacher will provide that she is not only failing 2nd grade but that there is no way she could catch up, per her teacher.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis passed an executive order that makes face masks optional in schools. But, true to liberal form, there have been a few districts where school boards have continued to enforce mask mandates.

Fiona’s district falls into the latter category.

A new report from NewsNation has revealed that Fiona’s school district is all set to lift the mask mandate on Nov. 15.

There never should have been a mask mandate in the first place, especially since Gov. DeSantis signed that executive order. It’s preposterous that this little girl was suspended this many times. It’s even more aggravating that they are telling her she’s not going to pass the grade, despite the fact she’s done all of the necessary work to do just that.

Fiona’s right. These folks deserve to be in the clink.

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