The Jan. 6 Mystery Pipe Bombs: Why Were Trump Supporters’ Searched And Arrested But Antifa Operatives With Guns Allowed To Leave Town?

( Exclusive) – The FBI has been hunting down Trump supporters in all corners of the US since Jan. 6th but they just can’t seem to find the still unidentified individual who placed pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC headquarters in Washington DC, Jan. 5th.

The FBI bomb squad safely detonated the bombs without incident on Jan. 6 but the individual who set the bombs remains at large.

How has the FBI managed to track down every single Trump supporter within the vicinity of the Capitol on Jan. 6 but can’t manage to find one person who planted two bombs (screen shot here) despite offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to their arrest?

The FBI even gave out pertinent details regarding the suspects attire like their expensive shoes and purple backpack. Even with all the video footage from cameras around DC, the culprit has not been identified.

Seems pretty convenient.

In September, the FBI released video footage of the alleged bomber but it has failed to produce any leads.

It’s pretty obvious that the bombs were placed by either a federal agent or someone working with the FBI. There is just no reasonable explanation as to why scores of Trump supporters and US veterans are sitting in the DC prison after being tracked down by the FBI but this one individual, who arguably did much worse than all of the Capitol attendees, is still a mystery.

The pipe bombs were placed as part of the big false flag, government-planned Jan. 6 event. Congress was evacuated on Jan. 6 because of the pipe bomb threat, not because of Trump supporters supposedly storming the Capitol.

What’s worse is that the FBI used the pipe bomb threat as justification to search through cars, according to Lonnie Coffman, a 71-year-old Vietnam veteran currently being held at the DC prison, with no bond, for attending the Jan. 6 rally.

Last week, Cara Castronuova shared a letter from Coffman with The Gateway Pundit in which he detailed what went on in DC on Jan. 6, and as it turns out, the FBI targeted and harassed Trump supporters while allowing armed and dangerous Antifa members to leave the area.

Coffman explained what happened, according to TGP, “The FBI used the alleged bomb threat at the DNC to rummage through cars and Lonnie’s truck. The investigators found firearms and jars of gasoline that he carries with him. The FBI fabricated their findings and described the jars of gas as ‘Molotov cocktails.’”

Further, according to those close to Coffman, the police searched his truck along with other vehicles as part of a roundup in the vicinity of the mysterious pipe bomb that was found at the DNC.

“They found guns and rifles in his backseat,” said his friend Jonathan Mellis. “Guns he always keeps in there and jars of gasoline that were years old. He’s from the backwoods of Alabama, this is normal there.”

Mellis says that Coffman is being overcharged and the entire thing has been blown way out of proportion. Coffman has a public defender attempting to get him released from the grips of the federal government.

According to Mellis, the government is overcharging his friend who has a public defender and desperately wants to get out of DC Jail and back to his regular medical care at the Veterans Hospital.

Coffman is still being held in the DC prison while Antifa members that were in the area and stopped by law enforcement on Jan. 6 are free. According to TGP there were three Antifa members who were in DC on Jan. 6 to cause chaos and violence and lied to police about having a firearm in their vehicle.

These three domestic terrorists were released by the police and allowed to drive home to Michigan that day and have never been contacted again by the FBI.

The pipe bomb threat was just another means by the federal government to target Trump supporters and search their personal property.

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