Leaked! Bill Gates Praises China’s Covid Lockdowns, Calls For WHO Surveillance Gestapo

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Bill Gates isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. He’s a maniacal globalist and he’s in the business of population control, if not just control period.

He has repeatedly warned of the “next” pandemic and at Wednesday’s Bloomberg New Economy Forum he discussed the ways in which the world can move past the COVID-19 “pandemic” and onto the next, apparently.

If you guessed he promoted more government control and tyranny, you’d be right.

In the beginning of the interview with Bloomberg’s John Micklethwait, Gates whined that it’s been difficult to motivate people in “sub-Saharan African countries where the epidemic has not been as visible” to get the vaccines “but we’ll do the best we can on that.”

Gates’ goal, after all, is full submission and compliance from every single human being on planet earth.

What’s particularly troubling is the fact that Gates never bothered to mention or discuss how or why African nations would even need to be vaccinated against the virus to begin with. He also never bothered to surmise as to why these areas have low COVID rates to begin with.

He went on to discuss the next year of dealing with COVID and said, “The death rate and the severe disease rates ought to be coming down dramatically, and by next summer getting to be quite a bit lower than the average seasonal flu level is assuming there’s no surprise variants, which right now is unlikely but can never be ruled out.”

Naturally, Gates went on to praise China, calling it a “huge blessing” that they were able to stop the virus early. He further explained that the low amount of natural immunity in the Chinese population will force the nation to “drive their vaccination coverage up dramatically before they drop the wall” of absurdly strict COVID lockdowns and regulations.

Micklethwait then bizarrely defended China saying that while many people assume China is not telling the truth about their COVID numbers “even if they fibbed a bit, they’re still amazingly good.”

He also mentioned that while Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia have good COVID numbers and are starting to “open up,” the Chinese will likely be locked down for another year.

Gates even took the opportunity to complain about attendees of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland taking their masks off during the climate conference’s receptions.

He said that in order for the world to prevent further “pandemics” once we get past COVID, countries will need to engage in “germ games” in order to provide Big Pharma with the funding they need to find the solutions.

Questioned on whether or not governments would be willing to spend the money to fund a World Health Organization surveillance body that Gates has recently been calling for, the Microsoft founder claimed the money would be “the best insurance policy that anybody ever talked about.”

In other words, Gates is pushing for a worldwide spy network that would obtain and spread information. This would include personal health information. He even admitted that COVID has been “an interesting test in people’s trust in their politicians or their health system.”

“Statistically we didn’t do as well as I would have expected,” he continued. “In fact, I’m cited as some mastermind in some evil plot in many, many cases. I didn’t expect any of that. In some ways the politicization of taking vaccines and helping to protect other people, we’ve taken a step backwards.”

He, apparently, thought he would be celebrated globally for his work in population control and his obvious involvement in perpetuating the entire COVID pandemic charade.

He then went on to slam people who don’t trust him or any of the other psychopaths forcing the vaccines on the world.

“A meaningful minority in most countries were led down a path of believing that not only were there rare side effects, but the vaccine was not properly tested, was part of some evil conspiracy.”

Well, Bill, it is. And we all know you’re part of it. We can stop pretending now.

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