Military Schedules George W. Bush, Marc Mezvinsky Tribunals

Two high-profile military tribunals, one for former president George W. Bush and the other for Chelsea Clinton’s husband Marc Mezvinsky, will take place before the Christmas holiday, said a Judge Advocate General’s Corps source speaking under condition of anonymity.

Mezvinsky’s trial will begin 25 November and is expected to last two days, our source said. The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the Office of Military Commissions have reportedly subpoenaed 4 witnesses whose testimony will prove beyond doubt that Mezvinsky helped the Clintons locate buyers for children the Clinton cabal had kidnapped in Haiti and other underprivileged, third-world nations. Such evidence would directly refute statements Mezvinsky had given under oath at Chelsea’s tribunal, where he claimed he was guilty of burning and shredding incriminating documents, but nothing more.

Shortly after Chelsea was hanged at Guantanamo Bay, JAG learned that Mezvinsky had been less than forthcoming about his involvement in Clinton crimes, and thus reneged on a plea deal that would have spared him a lifelong prison sentence. Now, JAG will allow a 3-officer panel to consider capitol punishment as a measured response for Mezvinsky’s malfeasance. Still, he could receive a lighter sentence—life at GITMO or even an acquittal.

Since January, JAG has had a 100% conviction rate, but not all Deep State despots received a sentence of execution. Bill Clinton, for example, got life in prison, only to be poisoned in his cell.

Also on JAG’s docket is the much-anticipated tribunal of former President George W. Bush, who on Wednesday, December 8, will square off against Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall in what will likely be the most extravagant tribunal of the year. The 43rd president has purportedly retained Williams & Connolly, a prestigious D.C. law firm, to represent him at trial.

A cursory glance at the internet shows that Williams & Connolly, though staffed with tenured, eloquent lawyers, specializes in civil law, and its resume lacks a history of victorious battles in matters involving criminal law. So, it’s curious why Bush chose them instead of a firm specializing in defending noteworthy criminal cases, especially when the stakes are so high.

The charges against Bush seem insurmountable. He’s been charged with propelling the nation into war under false pretenses and with the deaths of the thousands of American soldiers who perished in what JAG will call an “illegal war.” The military is also holding him responsible for his participation in the 9/11 tragedy and for all lives lost on that fateful day, to include not only persons who were in the towers but also first responders.

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