BREAKING: 7-Year-Old Child Allegedly Suffers Stroke And Brain Hemorrhage One Week After Receiving Pfizer Shot (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – A brand new report from the folks over at The Gateway Pundit discusses the heartbreaking story of a 7-year-old child who allegedly suffered from a stroke and a brain hemorrhage just a week after getting the first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, a story you won’t see being covered on the mainstream media.

The story first went viral from a Facebook post after a man named Barry Gewin wrote about his niece, Harper, who ended up having both a stroke and a brain hemorrhage not long after taking the vaccine. According to the post, which was published on November 25, his niece was taken to the intensive care unit because of this life-threatening condition.

Gewin then went on to post updates on his account concerning his niece’s health.

Gewin later posted a video of his niece walking for the first since since she was taken to the ICU.

“Four days ago, Gewin received another update from his brother and he’s saying that Harper is not eating, drinking, sitting up, or walking and they’re doing a lot of tests on her,” the report said.

“Yesterday, Gewin posted another update and said Harper is at home now after being confined in the hospital for 9 days. It is confirmed that it was the Pfizer shot that she had received 7 days prior to her hospitalization,” the post stated.

A report from the website, Better Health Channel says, “stroke is relatively rare among children. It is thought that around two out of every 100,000 children are affected worldwide each year. Most cases occur in children under two years of age.”

A post from Tea Party Pac reveals that Dr. Robert Malone, the individual who actually developed the mRNA technology used by pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Moderna to produce the COVID vaccine, explained that he is against universal vaccination for this illness.

The comments were made during an interview with WND. During this interview, Dr. Malone cited evidence that he believes supports all of us having some serious reservations about policies concerning the vaccine that are ultimately hurting children.

“Among the ‘former heresies’ are his claims about the toxicity of the spike protein in SARS-CoV-2, the ‘shell game’ with Pfizer’s licensing of its Comirnaty COVID vaccine and the vaccine risks to children,” the report said.

“I chose that as the hill I would die on, to do everything I could to keep from mandatory vaccination of children,” the doctor remarked.

“Evil can sometimes be intentional, and sometimes it’s unintentional, but right now what we’re seeing happening with our children is fundamentally evil,” he went on to state during the interview. “It’s just a question in my mind to what extent it’s been intentional. And I hope it hasn’t been.”

Here’s a video of the interview:

This “vaccine” for children also contains a heart attack medication in its drug cocktail. Why is this drug in a vaccine meant for kids? What else is being put in this thing that parents are just pumping into their children?

According to a piece from Rallying Patriots, “The Food and Drug Administration Advisory Committee, the same group of people who voted 17-0 to approve the shots for kids between the ages of 5-11, was recently notified that the children’s version of the drug now contains tromethamine (Tris), which is a chemical that reduces the acidity of blood and helps to stabilize individuals who have suffered a heart attack.”

“To provide a vaccine with an improved stability profile, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for use in children 5-11 years of age uses tromethamine (Tris) buffer instead of the phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) as used in the previous formulation and excludes sodium chloride and potassium chloride,” the document says.

This is why it is crucial to do your own research on the vaccine before deciding to get your children pumped up with this vaccine.

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