Joe Biden Tells Democrats: “It’s About Who Gets To Count The Vote” [VIDEO]

( Exclusive) – According to a report from our friends at 100 Percent Fed Up, Joe Biden recently told a crowd of Democrats during a DNC event that it’s not voting that’s important, but who gets to count the vote, which is a statement that should definitely be raising more than a few red flags.

Take a wild stab where this line came from? It’s not a Biden original, which shouldn’t be surprising as someone would have to have complete and total control over their cognitive faculties in order to put something like that together coherently.

It’s from communist dictator Joseph Stalin.

Millions of American voters believe that the people counting the vote in the 2020 presidential election were corrupt, which plays right along with the quote above. This isn’t something Biden should really feel comfortable saying out loud in public.

Maybe in his younger years, before his brain turned into jello, he wouldn’t have uttered such an insane statement. But now, with his cognitive abilities failing rapidly, we might just be catching a glimpse of his true belief system.

According to a report from Townhall, “While speaking about his administration’s agenda, Biden blasted Republican opposition to voting rights legislation.”

“The right to vote is under unrelenting assault by Republican governors, attorney generals, secretaries of state, state legislators. They’re following my predecessor deep into the abyss,” Biden went on to tell donors and party officials during a holiday fundraiser.

“The struggle is no longer just who gets to vote or make it easy for eligible people to vote. It’s about who gets to count the vote – whether your vote counts at all,” Biden continued.

“It’s a sinister combination of voter suppression and election subversion,” the president then added. “It’s un-American, it’s undemocratic, it’s unpatriotic and sadly, it is not unprecedented.”

Take a look at how Biden looks while spouting this nonsense.

This is spooky.

What’s more, this isn’t actually the first time Biden has said this.

Folks, there is a whole lot wrong with this. If you love this country and everything we value and stand for, the fact a sitting president made this statement, numerous times on different occasions, should totally unsettle you.

There’s plenty of evidence to demonstrate what this statement looks like in practical application. For example, this report covered how an election hearing in the state of Wisconsin revealed that there were 119,283 “active voters” who had been registered to vote for over a century. Let that sink in for a moment.

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to fight for election integrity as much as possible over the course of the next few years so that we can prevent upcoming elections, including one for the White House in 2024, from being stolen by the left once again.

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