BREAKING: Hospitals Beg Fired Unvaccinated Nurses To Come Back To Work

( Exclusive) – After the vaccines came onto the COVID scene, the mandates weren’t far behind. All around the world, hospitals have fired medical workers for not being vaccinated. Now, it looks like many of these healthcare facilities suddenly remembered they are in the midst of a so-called pandemic and are scrambling to re-hire the staff they just previously fired.

The world is a circus.

Hospitals are reportedly being overrun thanks to the staff shortages they created. We can’t help but be amused by the fact that now these hospitals are desperately trying to get their terminated staff back after demoting them from heroes to zeroes.

In one video that has gone viral on social media, a nurse describes her “true story” about the hospital she previously worked for asking her to come back.

“November 15, I was terminated from my nursing job because of mandates. This weekend, on Dec. 18, I had a message from staffing asking me if I could work this weekend all through Christmas and all through to the New Year. They’re so desperately short,” the nurse explains.

In another viral social media post, a fired nurse puts the Oregon hospital that fired her and other unvaccinated staff on blast for turning around and hiring traveling nurses to counter the staff shortages. The kicker: the traveling nurses don’t have to be vaccinated.

On Monday, the CDC revised their COVID-19 quarantine guidelines from 10 days to 5. This happened at the same time as desperate healthcare providers started begging for their unvaccinated staff to come back.

This trend is happening all around the world as hospitals are beginning to realize they shot themselves in the foot with their vaccine mandates during the so-called pandemic.

A viral post appearing on Facebook documented how another hospital worker fired for being unvaccinated was now being begged to return to the front lines.

“I received a surprising email today,” the post described, adding, “Us coerced and shamed ones are allowed to return to work on January 10th!!!”

“While there is part of me that would LOVE to return [I LOVED MY JOB and the people/patients/residents I worked with SO MUCH] it would be like returning to an abusive relationship,” the healthcare worker asserted.

Can you blame her? Who’s to say the hospital won’t just do it all again?

Hospitals in Quebec, Canada also decided to ease up on their COVID rules for workers allowing workers who test positive for COVID to come back to work.

Political commentator Peter Sweden documented a similar occurrence taking place in another Canadian province.

“Hospitals in Alberta, Canada put 1400 health care workers on leave before Christmas for being unvaccinated. Now they are begging them to come back to work because of the Omicron surge,” noted Sweden.

Meanwhile, the same thing is happening in Italy where hospitals are asking unvaccinated workers to come back (screenshot here).

“With this new wave of hospital admissions we are at the end of our tether. The paradoxical situation is that the removal of the unvaccinated colleagues weighs even more heavily on us, on the people who have to fight the epidemic every day,” the head of the Angiology department at the Padova Hospital, Giampiero Avrucio, stated (screenshot here).

A hospital in Melbourne, Australia, also reportedly asked unvaxxed staff to return.

It’s time for all hospitals and healthcare providers to realize they were wrong to demand their workers to get vaccinated.

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