‘Is This A Joke?’ Hillary Openly Solicits Clinton Foundation Donations

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The leech we call Hillary Clinton, a twice-failed presidential candidate, decided now would be the perfect time to start passing her hat around to gather up donations for her allegedly financially challenged “non-profit” organization.

According to a report from BizPacReview, the response to her begging was not well received on social media.

“If you’re able to give, I hope you’ll consider supporting the life-changing work of the [Clinton Foundation],” she said in a post published on Twitter as part of her fundraising pitch.

“In so doing, she retweeted a message from the foundation’s blue-check account that bragged about various virtue-signaling-sounding initiatives,” said the failed presidential candidate.

“Critics have alleged that the foundation functioned as an influence pedaling, pay-for-play operation in which foreign entities made big contributions in exchange for favorable U.S. government treatment while Hillary was U.S. secretary of state under President Obama,” the report stated.

This, of course, included the very controversial Uranium One deal that former President Barack Obama and his regime heartily approved of while foreign investors poured millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation.

“The organization, officially known as the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, also provides a cushy landing spot for Clinton political operatives in between election cycles, which perhaps is life-changing, for them,” BPR reported.

There has been one or more investigations conducted by the Justice Department that has failed to really produce anything that would prove Clinton and her foundation are trading political favors for money, however this appears to be yet another example of a two-tiered politicized legal apparatus.

Apparently we’re supposed to believe the fact that donations to the foundation started to dry up once Clinton was no longer serving in public office, you know, when she couldn’t exchange political favors for cash, according to a report from Fox Business earlier this month.

“Donations to the Clinton Foundation declined to $16.3 million in 2020, marking the smallest tally of contributions in several years, according to the organization’s annual financial report,” Fox Business went on to say.

“The 2020 contributions plummeted compared to the previous year when the Clinton Foundation received $29.6 million. Donations are down nearly 75% compared to 2016, when the foundation received $62.9 million as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ran for president. Clinton Foundation CEO Kevin Thurm cited the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on donations in a letter addressing the foundation’s annual financials,” the report continued.

In the letter, the CEO then went on to describe 2020 as one that “was a difficult year for philanthropy,” pointing out that the foundation now has a “deepened focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

“Rumors have emerged that the still-bitter Hillary Clinton, who has been getting a lot more corporate media coverage lately, might be angling for another try at the White House, given the unpopularity and ineffectualness of the Biden/Harris team,” the BPR report noted.

If this were to happen, it would set up a potential rematch between Clinton and former President Donald Trump, who has gone on to predict she will run again.

Here’s a look at how Clinton’s call for donations is getting shredded on Twitter:

This report has revealed that Hillary posted up two pictures during Christmas time featuring her family in the White House back when hubby Bill was president, and getting on the naughty list with interns, adding more fuel to the fire concerning rumors she might be running again.

This woman just can’t let her loss to Trump go, can she?

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