HUGE! Georgia Ballot Trafficking Whistleblower Admits To Making $45,000 For Stuffing Ballot Boxes

( Exclusive) – A new report still hot from The Gateway Pundit has revealed that the Georgia trafficking whistleblower has now confessed to making a whopping $45,000 to stuff ballot boxes in the state between the hours of 2 to 5 in the morning.

This individual is just one of 242 alleged ballot traffickers who have now been identified thanks to the True the Vote investigation. It’s actually possible at this point that we could be looking at hundreds of thousands of ballots that were stuffed into ballot boxes in the state of Georgia.

“Radio host John Fredericks went on with Steve Bannon on The War Room on Wednesday morning after news broke last night that a ballot trafficker had started talking in Georgia after he was paid thousands of dollars for stuffing the ballot boxes in a massive ballot harvesting scheme in Georgia,” the report said.

John Fredericks offered more on the ballot trafficking in Georgia back during the 2020 election.

“Here’s the bottom line. You can’t ballot harvest in Georgia. What turned this around is that a whistleblower in Georgia came forward. On the tapes they identified 240 of the same people going around the state stuffing ballot drop boxes between 2 and 5 AM… where they were emptying backpacks out and they were dropping 50, 100 ballots into a dropbox. This is totally illegal… Here’s the bottom line, right?” Fredericks stated.

“The one whistleblower that came forward because allegedly his mom said, hey what you’re doing is wrong and you need to be honest about it. Own up to it. He said that he was paid $10 per ballot… And he made $45,000 between November 3rd and the runoff. Two elections he made $45,000!… Now do the math,” he continued.

“He said this was the average payout. There were 240 people of the same ones over and over in the same car involved in it. You start doing the math here. 45,000 time 240 people… You’ve got $11 million dollars distributed illegally. Then you take 4500 ballots by 240 people. You’re talking about a million ballots!” he stated.

Another report published by Gateway Pundit provides even more evidence on the initial admission of ballot trafficking in the state of Georgia.

“According to John Fredericks, investigators have video of 240 leftist operatives he called ‘ballot traffickers’ dumping tens of thousands of ballots into drop boxes in the middle of the night in locations across Georgia,” the report went on to say.

“The leftist operatives were identified making numerous drops in the middle of the night in Georgia (screenshot here). They were filmed emptying their backpacks of ballots into the drop boxes in the middle of the night. Ballot harvesting is not legal in Georgia. This was criminal behavior caught on video,” the report continued.

“Heather Mullins from Real Americas Voice later reported on the John Fredericks radio show that there is video that captures 240 ballot traffickers in Georgia. Each of the traffickers averaged 23-24 drops where they would empty backpacks into the ballot boxes,” GP said.

It’s critical that the individuals who were involved in this scam in Georgia be held accountable for their actions. After all, they cheated the American people out of the president they should have had, exchanging one who actually held to policies that would improve the current state of the country for a guy who has a liquified brain.

We got a raw deal.

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