First Waves Of A Tsunami Reaches The West Coast Of United States After Massive 7.4 Earthquake In Tonga, Experts Say More Shock Waves Coming

After earthquake in Tonga, a Tsunami has struck the West Coast of the United States, with 4ft waves causing flooding in California with the worst of the devastation still yet to arrive, experts fear.

A few years ago, the idea of a massive earthquake in the South Pacific sending tsunami waves to the west coast of the United States was the stuff of end times futurist cinema. However, here at Day 670 of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve this type of activity is just another day at the office, albeit the remote office via a Zoom call.

“Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” Luke 21:26 (KJB)

For decades now, cheesy low-budget Bible prophecy movies have warned you of the coming New World Order, and in early 2020 it arrived on the scene. Granted it’s in its infancy, but it’s here and causing global havoc in nearly every nation on earth. You’ve been warned of the coming Mark of the Beast, and right now we are watching the human implantable digital ID Immunity Passport coming into view. The Bible warns about global pestilences and earthquakes that precede the time of Jacob’s trouble, known as the Days of Noah, and here we are. If you need further proof that we’re living in the end times, just give it a minute, that train is pulling into the station right now.

Tsunami strikes California: Waves up to four feet high cause coastal flooding as warning is issued for entire US West Coast and Hawaii after earthquake

FROM THE DAILY MAIL UK: A warning for Hawaii and the Pacific seaboard was issued earlier today after an undersea volcanic eruption near Tonga triggered a a 7.4 magnitude earthquake. There were no reports of injuries or the extent of the damage as communications with the country remained cut off hours after the eruption. Hundreds of frightened Tongans fled to higher ground as the eruption triggered a tsunami in the island nation, with a four-foot wave observed in Tonga’s capital Nuku’alofa.

In Santa Cruz, video showed significant flooding near the harbor, with at least one vehicle caught in the surge. Waves of up to 4.1 feet were recorded in Port San Luis, and in El Segundo, a number of daring surfers were spotted defying warnings to catch the powerful waves. Officials say widespread inundation is not expected, but rather coastal hazards such as rip currents and dangerous waves in harbors. Authorities caution that the first waves to strike may not be the highest waves experienced in an area.

The initial tsunami wave hit Los Angeles around 7.45am PST (3.45pm GMT) and San Francisco at 8.10am PST (4.10pm GMT), and was expected to last for several hours.

The ‘violent’ underwater volcanic eruption in the Pacific at 5.10pm local time (4.10am GMT) – that was visible from space – was confirmed as the cause of the tsunami, which overwhelmed homes, buildings, fences, roads and cars in Tonga around 20 minutes later.

Locals pleaded for people to ‘pray for us’ as the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption was compared to ‘bombs going off’ by those who heard it, followed by the tsunami surging ashore.

The eruption could be heard thousands of kilometres away and sparked warnings in New Zealand, Fiji, American Samoa and Australia, with several Australian offshore territories under threat, including Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island and Macquarie Island, officials said.

After earthquake a tsunami advisory was also put into effect for the entire US Pacific seaboard and Hawaii.

‘A tsunami capable of producing strong currents that may be hazardous to swimmers, boats, and coastal structures is expected,’ the US National Weather Service said in a flash bulletin on Saturday morning. ‘If you are located in this coastal area, move off the beach and out of harbours and marinas. Do not go to the coast to watch the tsunami. Be alert to instructions from your local emergency officials,’ the agency warned.

Early on Saturday, Hawaii was already seeing tsunami wave activity of up to 2.7 feet. The advisory now extends from California’s border with Mexico to Attu Island at the tip of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.

The tsunami is projected to hit Monterey, California at 7.35am PST (15:35 GMT), where officials say it is not expected to cause widespread inundation, but rather coastal hazards. The initial tsunami wave is projected to hit Los Angeles around 7.45am PST and San Francisco at 8.10am PST, but the highest water levels may not arrive for several hours. Satellite images showed a huge eruption lasting around eight minutes, a 3-mile wide plume of ash, steam and gas rising like a mushroom about 12 above the blue Pacific waters. READ MORE

Tsunami Advisory for the West Coast After Undersea Volcanic Eruption Earthquake Near Tonga

A tsunami advisory after an earthquake on Tonga this morning is in effect for the all coastal areas of the Bay Area as well as the entire West Coast. Evacuation orders are in place in the Berkeley Marina and officials in Santa Cruz County and other coastal areas are patrolling the area.

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