“Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!”: Mike Lindell SHUTS DOWN Fake News CBS Reporter At CPAC (VIDEO)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, has proven himself to be a ferocious American patriot willing to risk it all for the truth and freedom.

After the 2020 rigged election in which the Biden regime usurped the White House, Lindell went on a crusade to prove the election was, in fact, stolen.

In a sane world, the mainstream media would have been eager and interested to hear what Lindell had discovered but in wackadoodle, backwards America, the mainstream media went on a crusade of their own to destroy Lindell and anyone else who dared to declare the election was fraudulent.

Lindell has been physically assaulted, major retailers have dropped his products, and he’s been slandered and harassed by media personalities across numerous outlets.

The average American just might eventually be deterred from the fight but not Lindell. He’s still at it and he’s still got as much vigor and determination as ever to fight against the corrupt Biden regime and the radical left, including their propaganda-pushing sycophants in the establishment media.

During the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, over the weekend, Lindell came face-to-face with one of his many media adversaries.

Being on Lindell’s turf, he was able to totally embarrass Robert Costa of CBS News, calling him a “traitor” and slamming CBS News as “disgusting.” He also got the crowd to join in and chant “traitor!” at the fake news reporter.

We can bet CBS News won’t be airing that segment.

Mike Lindell is right in calling Costa a traitor. What other word is there for someone who is supposed to be reporting factual information to the American public but instead pushes lies and propaganda thus deceiving the very people who trust them?

These leftist media lapdogs are truly disgusting. They have absolutely no integrity. You have to wonder how many of them actually believe the lies they spew. Do they actually believe Joe Biden won the presidency legitimately despite covering both his and Trump’s campaigns throughout 2020?

In the midst of the so-called pandemic, President Trump drew crowds of thousands everywhere he went. Meanwhile, Biden couldn’t attract gnats to his events. Of course, his campaign used COVID as a cover and were always adamant about “social distancing” and limiting the number of people permitted in.

It was all a sham. No one wanted to attend any Biden rallies. The media knows this and they know that President Trump is actually the one who won more votes than any other president in US history.

They are deliberately lying to us and have absolutely no shame in doing so. They are truly traitors to the American people and this country.

If there is ever justice for what happened in 2020, the media should be held accountable right alongside the agents of the Deep State who stole the election.

Fight on Mike Lindell, America is behind you!

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