Even Hardcore Liberals Like Bette Midler Are Waking To The Harsh Truth That The Transgender Movement Is Actually A War Against Women, Which It Is

Bette Midler has angered one of her most loyal fanbases — the LGBTQ community — after she criticized terms like ‘menstruator’ and ‘people with vaginas,’ saying those terms serve to erase women. Transgenders are not happy!

Here are some fun facts for you. People don’t have vaginas, women do. People do not give birth, women do. People do not menstruate or breast feed, only biological women can do those things. That is science, biology and the Bible all in agreement for one, brief and shining moment. LGBTQIA+ champion and folk hero, Bette Midler, who is also a woman, found out the other day that saying only women have vaginas is actually hate speech in 2022.

Rise up, ye women that are at ease; hear my voice, ye careless daughters; give ear unto my speech.” Isaiah 32:9 (KJB)

How ironic it is that many woke, far-Left Liberals like Bette Midler are just now waking up to the fact that the actual goal of the Transgender Movement is to erase women. Shocking!!! Mind Blowing!!! Beyond Incredible!!! But no, NTEB has told you that same thing for many, many years now, this is only news to Liberals. The whole goal of the LGBTQIA+ Movement is to erase the two genders that God created, and replace them with the 1,000-and-1 fake genders the Devil has created. God is not the author of confusion, but we certainly know who is!

Bette Midler Called ‘Anti-Trans’ After Bashing Terms Like ‘People with Vaginas’: ‘Don’t Let Them Erase’ Women

FROM BREITBART NEWS: The Hollywood star appeared to be completely ignorant of the left’s embrace of radical transgender ideology under which the term “woman” has become taboo in many situations because it excludes transgender “men.”

On Sunday, Bette Midler, who apparently never got the memo, attempted to rally women to her side by condemning terms like “birthing people,” “menstruators,” and “people with vaginas,” saying they rob women of “our name.”

“Don’t let them erase you!” she wrote. “Every human on earth owes you!”

Midler’s comments were remarkably similar to those made in a New York Times op-ed this weekend in which columnist Pamela Paul claimed that the far left and far right both agree that “women don’t count.” Paul argued that among leftists, “even the word ‘women’ has become verboten. Previously a commonly understood term for half the world’s population, the word had a specific meaning tied to genetics, biology, history, politics and culture. No longer. In its place are unwieldy terms like ‘pregnant people,’ ‘menstruators’ and ‘bodies with vaginas.’”

Midler’s tweet backfired badly on Sunday after followers accused her of denigrating transgender people and of making “anti-trans” comments. The ensuing woke-lash came swiftly and without mercy. Bette Midler received positive feedback from at least one prominent name — Harry Potter novelist J.K. Rowling, who signaled her approval by liking Midler’s tweet.

Rowling has earned the enmity of transgender activists who have repeatedly attacked her for arguing that gender is based in biological sex, and that transgender “women” aren’t the same as actual women. READ MORE

Actress Bette Midler has been met with criticism online by trans activists after she tweeted women have been “stripped of their rights, bodies and their name” following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V Wade.

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