Military Pillories DeSantis for Praising FEMA

White Hat commanders who had wanted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to enter the 2024 presidential race revised their opinions after DeSantis on national television praised the Federal Emergency Management Agency for its speedy aid in helping Floridians recover from Hurricane Ian.

As DeSantis made his comments, U.S. Special Forces in Florida were trying to stop marauding FEMA agents from pillaging battered homes while simultaneously performing water rescues in Naples and other hard-hit areas. Sources in Gen. David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News that the military detachment in Florida has saved “dozens of stranded, many elderly” citizens and repelled “or otherwise dealt with” over 50 predatory FEMA agents in Southwest Florida.

“We’re not saying all FEMA are evil sonsofbitches, but we’re also not talking about a few rogue agents. FEMA encourages a culture of lawlessness; they think they’re above the law. They operate autonomously—it’s a jingoistic environment. Our operation is ongoing,” our source said.

DeSantis, he added, was made aware of FEMA’s transgressions at once after agents began snatching gold and guns from flooded, evacuated homes. General Berger reportedly spoke to DeSantis, encouraging him to evict FEMA from Florida and instead let the military restore essential services and safeguard ruined homes. But DeSantis, in what can be described only as a moment of tepid insouciance, said he lacked authority to expel FEMA and wouldn’t bemoan the agency for the behavior of a few FEMA separatists.

Gen. Berger, a staunch supporter of President Donald J. Trump, took umbrage with DeSantis’ heartless indifference for Floridians victimized by FEMA, as did members of his counsel. U.S. Army Major Gen. Richard E. Angle and Col. J.D. Keirsey, both of whom once referred to DeSantis as “the future of American Politics,” upbraided him for essentially ceding control of Florida to the federal government. Permitting FEMA to run rampant, they said, was akin to admitting to “feckless leadership.”

“Until this week, there was a lot of support for DeSantis. That’s all gone down the tubes. The commanders who were behind DeSantis are once again endorsing Trump. Some admitted they’d jumped the gun in embracing DeSantis,” our source said.

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