City Of Kyiv In Ukraine Begins Handing Out Potassium Iodine Pills As Nuclear Threat From Putin In Russia Grows More Desperate And Quite Real

The city of Kyiv has said it is handing out potassium iodine pills to evacuation centers in preparation for a possible Russian nuclear strike on Ukraine capital.

Russia has been doing poorly since starting war-slash-conflict with Ukraine, so poorly in fact that one might be tempted to think Putin is taking a dive in his own war. Why would he do that? One reason might be because he’s really trying to bait the United States and NATO into it, the US has a foot-and-a-half in already, shouldn’t take too much more to seal the deal. Another reason might be because he’s just looking for an excuse to launch nuclear weapons. Sound crazy, you say? Yep, so crazy that the Ukraine city of Kyiv is at this moment handing our potassium iodide pills to its citizens they are anticipating will soon be living in bomb shelters.

From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.” James 4:1,2 (KJB)

Maybe this whole thing will fizzle out as we discover that Putin has dementia, or end stage syphilis which is rotting his brain, rendering him unable to anything that is not off the wall insane. Or, we just might find out that Putin is crazy like a fox, and this whole thing was conceived to create a much larger military situation. Time will tell, meanwhile they are stocking up on potassium iodine in Ukraine “just in case”. Good idea.

Kyiv gives out potassium iodine pills to evacuation centers in preparation for Russian nuclear attack on the Ukraine capital

FROM THE DAILY MAIL UK: Potassium iodine pills can help block the absorption of harmful radiation by the thyroid gland if taken just before or immediately after exposure to nuclear radiation. The pills will be distributed to residents in areas contaminated by nuclear radiation if there is a need to evacuate, the city council said in a statement – amid Russian President Vladimir Putin’s disastrous on-going invasion of Ukraine.

Putin has said that he would ‘use all the means at our disposal’ to win the war while his ground forces humiliatingly retreat from a Ukrainian counterattack. Russian troops have suffered heavy losses, and are being pushed back in several regions.

Fears are growing that Putin will resort to using a devastating nuclear strike to beat Ukraine into submission as his ground troops continue to suffer defeats.

News of Kyiv’s preparations came after the Times newspaper reported Monday that NATO had warned members Putin was set to demonstrate his willingness to use nuclear weapons by carrying out a nuclear test on Ukraine’s border.

The NATO warning claimed the K-329 Belgorod submarine, which only entered active service with Russia’s navy in July 2022, may be headed to the Kara Sea to test the feared Poseidon underwater nuclear drone. Poseidon is said to be capable of travelling huge distances underwater before detonating with enough force to trigger a 1,600ft nuclear tsunami designed to drown and irradiate coastal cities.

The Kara sea is located off the eastern coast of Novaya Zemlya – a large Russian controlled island in the Arctic circle which has long been used as a nuclear weapons testing facility.

It was the site of the largest nuclear explosion ever recorded in 1961 when the USSR detonated the Tsar Bomba – a nuclear device ten times more powerful than all of the ordnance exploded in World War II which was downgraded because its original design was thought too dangerous to test.

Putin on Sept. 21 ordered Russia’s first mobilisation of military reservists since World War Two to put more troops on the battlefield and backed a plan to annex swathes of Ukraine, warning the West he was not bluffing when he said he’d be ready to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia.

Russia is the world’s biggest nuclear power based on the number of nuclear warheads: it has 5,977 warheads while the United States has 5,428, according to the Federation of American Scientists. READ MORE

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