WATCH: Trump Defense Secretary Questions Biden’s Balloon Story

( Exclusive) – Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper stated that the explanations being given by the Biden administration concerning China’s spy balloon crossing over the U.S. don’t really seem to add up. As has been the case with most of the stuff that has come from the White House ever since Joe Biden took over for former President Donald Trump. Anything coming from the president right now concerning China is highly suspect given the evidence that suggests he may have had inappropriate business relationships with the country through an influence peddling scheme while he was vice president.

“I did not understand it, because as best we know there has been no communication between Washington and Beijing at the highest levels in the last week or 10 days, and it just makes no sense, clearly relationship has taken a hit here, because of the Chinese actions, it was such a brazen act for them to do this,” Esper went on to say according to the Daily Caller, making a reference to a query concerning information the Biden administration got from China, before he called into question President Joe Biden’s total refusal to call out the communist nation over the spy balloon.

“It’s a major breach, they not only violated our airspace but our sovereignty and they have done something that in my memory no other country, no other country that threatens us has done in my lifetime, and that is send so brazenly a surveillance system through our airspace observable by the American people, and have it loiter in places here and then continue to travel across United States,” Esper asserted during an interview on “America Reports” with co-hosts Sandra Smith and John Roberts about the spy balloon that was brought down Saturday by an Air Force fighter.

Daily Caller writer Harold Hutchison wrote, “The United States shot down an unidentified object Friday near Alaska, with White House spokesman John Kirby saying that President Joe Biden gave the order out of concern the object posed a threat to civilian air traffic.”

“Esper noted that some recovered parts from the balloon downed Saturday had Western components, a sign that materials were illegally diverted to the Chinese military and Ministry for State Security. The Department of Defense confirmed a second spy balloon flew over Latin American countries Feb. 3,” Hutchison continued.

“We need to find out. I said several days ago that once we recover the instrumentation I think we would find, we’d be alarmed to find Western components, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we find U.S. components in the instrumentation,” Esper explained. “China has been doing it for decades, they will buy U.S. components, Western components, technology for one reason, maybe do it through a commercial company and then ship it illegally, illicitly without U.S. permission into the People’s Liberation Army, that happens often despite our best efforts to go after export controls.”

The Communist Chinese Party that controls the nation of China made the claim that the balloon shot down was nothing more than a meteorological research platform and protested against the equipment being shot down. The whole “weather balloon” junk didn’t work back in Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940s, so what makes China think that narrative will work today?

The truth of the matter is, we’ve already identified that this balloon was carrying a payload and contained technology consistent with that used to collect intelligence. The Chinese government is spying on the United States. Worse, they seem to be sending the message that if they so desire, they could drop a bomb or release a virus on our nation with relative ease and that our own government won’t do a darn thing about it.

Now that is truly terrifying.

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