BREAKING NEWS: Francis Chan, Rick Warren And NAR Were Already Planning A Revival At Asbury University In Video Released 7 Days Before It All Started

It looks like Rick Warren, Francis Chan and various members of the New Apostolic Reformation were already planning the Asbury Revival before it ever started

Well, you knew this was going to come out at some point, only a matter of when, and today seems to be the day for that revelation. I came across a video created by a group called the Collegiate Day of Prayer, and they work to create ‘revival’ on college campuses across America. The group is heavily embedded with people from the New Apostolic Reformation, Rick Warren, and all the usual suspects from the Emergent Church world. So, as the proverbial cat comes running out of the bag, Collegiate Day of Prayer had all this all set up and ready to go before the Asbury Revival spontaneously broke out. But please, don’t let all this ruin your fun of singing Hillsong music on auto-repeat for the next 155 hours.

“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 11:13 (KJB)

The article quoted below will give you the timeline, and everything you need to know about who is really behind the Asbury fake revival, and it’s not the student body of Asbury University. This deception has millions of dollars behind it, connections to the Vatican, and is absolutely the false revival of the end times we’ve warned you about for many years now. On our blockbuster Podcast last week talking about the One World Religion of Chrislam, Rick Warren had a whole segment devoted to his dirty work with the Roman pontiff. Rick Warren is going to Asbury University on the 23rd with Francis Chan, Allen Hood and worship leaders from International House of Prayer, Circuit Riders + Black Voices Movement, and Met By Love Worship. What does that tell you?

The whole thing is a setup, so don’t get mad at me for revealing it to you. The Asbury Revival started on February 8th, one week after the Collegiate Day of Prayer released the video you see below, and many months after the whole thing was planned by Francis Chan, Rick Warren and members of the New Apostolic Reformation. The plan from the beginning was to bring this man-made, no-gospel, seeker sensitive Laodicean mess to colleges all across America.

Welcome to the end times false revival of the coming Antichrist we told you would come in the last days.

Questions to ask while pondering if Asbury is hosting a ‘true revival’

FROM BAPTIST NEWS: One week before the big revival surprise of Feb. 8, a coalition that backs the Collegiate Day of Prayer released a promotional video Feb. 1. The video starts with a narrator saying, “Fifty years ago, something extraordinary happened on one college campus.”

Then a witness from the time adds: “I thought I had seen everything. But today, I saw something that I have never seen before.”

A news anchor then comments: “It started at 10:00 yesterday morning. It didn’t end at 11:00 yesterday morning. It didn’t end at 11:00 last night. In fact, as Jim and I took the air, it was still going on.”

Then others add: “It all started when one student gave his testimony. That was followed by another. And the testimonies have been going ever since. … And as it spread, people began coming in from all around.”

Sound familiar? And how does the video end?

With a call to action: “Join us on Feb. 23rd, live from Asbury University. Lord, do it again.”

Then Francis Chan, an evangelical preaching megastar, comes onto the video saying: “God, would you show your mercy on him, on her just the way you did with me? Because this is their only hope. We need him to change their hearts so that they can change the direction of our nation. We’re asking you, please, join us, join us for this day of prayer, join us in praying for these young people, believe that God can usher in something new through the power of our prayers.”

Every February, faculty and students at Asbury University have one thing on their minds — revival. At their special two-hour chapel in Hughes Auditorium Feb. 3, 2020, they showed a documentary called “When God Comes: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary” of the 1970 Asbury Revival.

During the documentary, former President David Gyertson says: “Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What happens when God really comes on the scene?’ I’m standing here in Hughes Auditorium, where in February of 1970, God came.”

“When God Came” describes how they believe that happened. “God began to convict young people of their sin. They confessed that sin and received the cleansing power of God. But along with that, there came the filling of the Holy Spirit to do the things that God has asked us to do — to love him supremely and to go into all the world and preach the gospel.” From there, the documentary says the revival “began to fan out across the country.”

According to the promotional video released the week before the current revival began, the Feb. 23 meeting with Francis Chan is part of a broader strategy for influencing colleges across the United States.

The Collegiate Day of Prayer is led by a group of conservative evangelicals from the Luke 18 ProjectAwaken the Dawn, the Passion ConferencesCampus Crusade for ChristInterVarsityAmerica Prays and others.

Like Asbury University, the Collegiate Day of Prayer celebrates revivals of the past while connecting conservative evangelical assumptions about morality to the direction of the nation. “As the students go, so goes the nation,” they proclaim with the goal of “transforming the moral climate of America’s universities.” Part of their strategy is the “40-Day Jesus Fast.” Its promotional video features Lou Engle, an apostle with the New Apostolic Reformation that helped start The Call DC, POTUS Shield for President Trump, and yelled to 400,000 college students about throwing a Nazarite lunch box at a giant “Jezebel Spirit.”

In addition to teaming up with Engle, the Collegiate Day of Prayer quotes an 18th century slaveholder, saying, “As Jonathan Edwards, father of the Great Awakening, observed, ‘It all began with the young people.’” The plan is to “win the spiritual battles across our nation” by hosting similar events at other colleges. An “Adopt a Campus” map shows 4,195 colleges adopted.

But Chan won’t be the only evangelical celebrity in attendance. According to the promo video description, Baptist pastor Rick Warren and worship leaders from the charismatic revivalist church International House of Prayer also will be involved. These events spreading across the nation are preplanned by evangelical marketing experts. READ MORE

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