Secular State v. Liberty: When Serpents and Giants Are in Control …

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Surge Summary: The tyranny that swamped America during the Covid-19 panic is a reminder of how easily people can be herded into mindless compliance by the government. This is what happens when a land forsakes truth and godliness and submits to secularist state control. Godly people who cherish liberty must push back. 

by David Lane

Although a #1 New York Times best-selling author, Alex Berenson is perhaps best known for his skepticism about the Covid-19 vaccines and alarmist approach. Last week he blogged, “Covid has revealed how out of control the public health establishment and its handmaiden virologists and immunologists have become. Drug companies too, although their corruption of medicine is less of a surprise.”1

In hindsight, one wonders as to whether President Donald J. Trump went wrong by creating the U.S. coronavirus task force in January 2020, placing Dr. Anthony Fauci, then head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as a trusted key figure in his nightly briefings and thereafter as the Trump Administration’s point man and mouthpiece to the coronavirus response.

President Trump failed to ask others for guidance, such as the highly credentialed, widely cited professor Dr. Knut Wittkowski. Providing the opposite approach to Fauci’s misguided ‘flatten the curve’ approach, Dr. Wittkowski was silenced by Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Pharma – the proapaganda arms utilized to discredit doctors and experts who opposed the ‘official line’.

Dr. Wittkowski’s advice, in March 2020, was to get the elderly and vulnerable out of harm’s way, get the kids in school, run one’s business, and carry on with life as usual. The virus then would have run its course in 4 to 6 weeks, with the development of ‘herd immunity’ among the general population as the only thing capable of halting the virus. ‘Quarantines’ and ‘flattening the curve’, in Wittkowski’s expert view, only delayed and prolonged the outbreak of the virus.

But once the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed an $8.3 billion emergency bill in March 2020, public opinion began to shift and criticism was more and more leveled at the administration’s response to the coronavirus. Political maneuvering in the upcoming election on November 8, 2020, had now taken center stage.

On March 20, 2020, we wrote about what we called ‘the Gibeonite deception’ as found in Joshua Chapter 9, and its political ramifications. “Like the queen being captured in a chess match, the advantage of a bustling economy has been removed from the table by the devastating effects of the coronavirus on the U.S. economy. As a result, Trump’s reelection this fall is no longer a given.”2

Fear was being spread through the president’s nightly Covid updates and social media’s big-time propaganda pushers – Big Government and Big Pharma – were mobilized in order to disparage and belittle renowned medical doctors, acclaimed epidemiologists, and distinguished virologists who lined up in opposition to Fauci’s ‘official narrative’.

As a side note, American journalist, author, and lawyer Glenn Greenwald tweeted recently, “The corporate media’s ability to – overnight – turn anyone who dissents in any way into some sort of fascist or even Hitler-like figure, and then have millions of their followers go around mindlessly repeating it, is both impressive and chilling.”3

By August 2021, Dr. Anthony Fauci, seemingly drunk with power and hubris declared, “I’m sorry, I know people must like to have their individual freedom … but I think that we’re in such a serious situation now that under certain circumstances, mandates should be done.”4 In his exalted highbrow opinion, mandates were more important than individual freedom.

This brings us to the real war in America’s public square: the battle for spiritual control of culture. Secularists have been given unilateral control over the cultural levers of power and influence, and thus a free hand in secularizing, manipulating, and monopolizing the public arena. This shows that the war in reality concerns the spiritual conflict between the eternal and immutable Jehovah God versus the transient and mutable god of religious secularism.

In his excellent commentary, Gleanings From Joshua, A.W. Pink clarifies to which tribe the Gibeonites belonged: “These Gibeonites belonged to the tribe of the Hivites, and the renowned Hebraist, John Gill, tells us that the name Hivites signifies serpents! They certainly acted here in complete accord therewith, conducting themselves ‘wilily’ [Joshua 9:4], telling downright lies, and succeeding in thoroughly deceiving Joshua and his princes.”

Multiple so-called ‘serpents’ and ‘giants’ of the Gavin Newsom kind are now stalking America. California Governor Newsom’s stay-at-home-order on March 19, 2020 designated liquor stores, marijuana distribution centers, and abortion clinics as ‘essentials’ and churches as ‘non-essentials’. While the singing of hymns in CA churches was outlawed, an apparent all-clear was given to Antifa and BLM’s burning and looting of American cities. Law enforcement was halted, with Fortune 500 companies actively underwriting cultural anarchy. Free rein was given to the advancement of Critical Race Theory in public education, to biological boys competing against girls at state track championships and swimming events, and to cultural Marxism.

What started on February 8, 2023, as a routine chapel session for Asbury University students has turned into an ongoing worship session of students, faculty and out-of-towners. Thousands of people from near and far have flocked to Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, to take part in what many have called a revival.5

Time will tell whether the early report of the Asbury Revival is a movement of God or the fabricated product of man. But it is certainly this type of activity of the Spirit moving across high school and college campuses that will lead to personal repentance for sin in our personal lives. It is the unbridled sin, woven into the warp and woof of culture, that will most likely precede the next Great Awakening. “Unless the LORD builds the house, the builder’s labor is in vain.” [Psalm 127:1]

If so, American Christendom will have to be retooled and activities that indicate an astounding ignorance of the impending crisis that is upon us must be avoided. Such ill-conceived undertakings include being on furlough in an election season, taking a trip to Israel two weeks before an election, calling a meeting of the prophets and removing them from their ‘field of lentils’ in election week, taking a Mission Trip in election week, and, calling a statewide conference on Election day, as the NC Southern Baptists managed to do.

But praise be to God that Gideons and Rahabs are now beginning to stand.

David Lane

American Renewal Project


The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

Image: By Adnan azad asif – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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