For Parents Whose Child Toys With Being Transgender … There Is Hope, Help

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Surge Summary: There is help for parents facing the dilemma of a son or daughter claiming he/she is transgender. Practical steps and wisdom can effectively address this situation.

by Larry TomczakBefore you proceed, let my once “trans” friend share in a few short minutes her amazing story.

The American College of Pediatricians states: “The best long-term research shows that individuals who go through medical transition kill themselves at a rate 19 times the general population.” Yet Joe Biden told us recently that “it’s close to sinful” (to not support this) and “we need to pass federal laws like we did with same-sex marriage.” Young girls’ breast removal and young boys’ chemical castration? This is transgender madness.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Cher, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening proudly proclaim they have a “trans” child; the Grammys award a transgender singer; Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner appears as Caitlyn; Hershey features a trans in ads; and, Biden’s transgender appointee, Rachel Levine, uses his/her transgender notoriety to say that LGBTQ kids should “replace their parents with one supportive adult.”

Project Veritas just released an expose video you can watch, showing how New York teachers instruct other teachers in a conference on how to secretly promote transgenderism to their students.

Last week a Virginia dad phoned me, desperate for help dealing with a teenage daughter thinking she’s a boy. I shared Biblical counsel to rescue her like I’m doing here.

Stop Sexualizing Kids

Here in Tennessee our state legislature just passed a bill, banning gender-transitioning for minors while parents are working with politicians in states to stop secret coaching of sexual “transitioning” in schools after a 12 year old girl in Florida attempted suicide twice after being assisted in transitioning without her parents, being informed!

Parents throughout America are awakening and taking action for the protection and prevention of our children being propagandized by progressives pushing perversion on children. Kudos to Prager University for their “Protect Children’s Innocence Campaign” supported by thousands across America.

In Abigail Shrier’s book, “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters,” she points out how social media (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube) and peer influence have caused an incredible uptick in youth being seduced. Not long ago we had maybe one in 10,000 high school students identifying as transgender and almost none of them were girls. Then between 2016-17 girls seeking gender transition surgery quadrupled!

Malevolent forces in our culture work through radical progressives, Hollywood, the music industry and social media to lure impressionable, peer-dependent youth.

Gender dysphoria (confusion/discomfort with one’s biological sex) has always existed but now the problem is exploding as Satan exploits it to destroy our precious young people. I’ve advised parents to watch a documentary on the life of famous singer Karen Carpenter with confused daughters. She was praised by her peers as possessing the purest voice of her generation (36 million record sales) yet she deceived herself at 90 lbs. that she was fat and starved herself to death at 32.

4 Steps to Stop Seduction

1. Spiritual warfare

As parents and pastors, we must remain steadfast in intercessory prayer on behalf of our young people. We have power over the evil one who is a defeated foe! We must exercise our authority, resist the devil and “cast out demons” in Jesus Name.

2. Stand guard

We must be “watchmen on the wall” safeguarding our families from ungodly influences. We must “give no opportunity to the devil” to work through computers, iPhones, cable, TV, music, books, magazines and friends who don’t share a clear-cut biblical worldview. “He who walks with the wise will be wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.” (Prv. 13:20).

3. Stop deception

In school and church settings, survey and stop any unbiblical teaching about sexuality and gender selection. God is our Creator and He made us “male and female” and that’s not left up to us to decide!

4. Showcase masculinity and femininity

Contrary to what our culture puts forth, God designed men and women with different traits and roles that our children need to see so they can emulate. Learn what scripture teaches about men and women, and then live your life to the fullest according to God’s magnificent design.

Here’s the deal: Jesus Christ said, “The thief (Satan) comes only to steal, kill and destroy but I came that you might have life and have it in abundance” (Jn.10:10). In a few weeks, I will celebrate with my wife our 47th wedding anniversary and I can testify that by living God’s way I found Jesus delivers as advertised!

The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

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