An Investigation Into The Roman Catholic Church In Baltimore Shows Child Sex Abuse And Torture By Priests That Was All Swept Under The Rug

A four-year investigation of Baltimore’s Roman Catholic archdiocese reveals the scope of 80 years of child sex abuse and torture by priests and how church officials often covered it up and, in some cases, paved the way for further abuse.

While it is true that you will see this type of depraved activity taking place in some Protestant and Baptist churches, nothing comes close to the level on which it takes place within the cloistered walls of the Roman Catholic Church. Not only that, the Catholic Church at its highest levels, the Vatican, has always known about the child sex abuse going on, and they have all, Pope Francis included, worked to cover it up to some degree. The Catholic Church is filled to overflowing with pedophile priests, and they seem to like it that way because they don’t work to stop it.

“And he ordained him priests for the high places, and for the devils, and for the calves which he had made.” 2 Chronicles 11:15 (KJB)

The First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana, under the leadership of Jack Hyles, was a hotbed of sexual abuse, with people like AV Ballenger spending 5 years in jail for his crimes that were covered up by Hyles. Hyles even held a fundraising ‘appreciation dinner’ for Ballenger after he was convicted of abusing children. Hyles successor Jack Scapp spent a decade in prison for sex with a minor. That’s pretty sick and demented. But the Roman Catholic Church operates on a whole different level by a factor of one hundred, and on a global scale. From the top down, the Catholic Church remains largely and mostly unrepentant for their sexual sins against children, offering up the merest of lip service but never making any changes until they get caught.

Report shows ‘astonishing’ depravity in sexual abuse of more than 600 in Baltimore’s Catholic archdiocese

FROM THE BALTIMORE SUN: Among the accounts: A deacon who admitted abusing more than 100 children. A priest who chained and whipped boys for his gratification. Another priest who, after receiving psychiatric treatment, went on to abuse 20 students at a Baltimore boys’ school.

The Maryland Attorney General’s Office released Wednesday its “Report on Child Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.” Its nearly 500 pages tell how 156 clergy and other Church officials tormented more than 600 children and young adults, dating back to the 1940s. The Baltimore archdiocese covers Baltimore City and nine counties in Central and Western Maryland.

Spurred by the report’s publication, the General Assembly sent a bill Wednesday to Democratic Gov. Wes Moore’s desk that would make it easier for survivors to sue the institutions that employed their abusers.

The report names at least 36 abusers who are not listed on the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s online list of 152 priests and brothers credibly accused of abuse. Ten more abusers’ names were redacted. Other diocesan officials’ identities are redacted also, and the Catholic Church paid at least some of the legal costs for a group of people who sought to have their names shielded.

“Today is a win for me,” said Donna Von Den Bosch, a retired nurse and victim of Father Joseph Maskell and Father Neil Magnus in Baltimore. “It’s not entirely what I wanted because a lot has been redacted, but I just take it one day at a time.”

Victims lobbied the attorney general’s office to start the investigation, particularly after the Pennsylvania attorney general produced a similar report in 2018. Then-Attorney General Brian Frosh, a Democrat, launched Maryland’s probe shortly thereafter. Investigators interviewed hundreds of survivors and pored over hundreds of thousands of church documents.

The abuse’s breadth and depravity is “astonishing,” the report’s authors wrote. READ MORE

Decades of Child Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up by Church Leadership Outlined in Attorney General’s Report.

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