In England, Radio Newcastle Announcer Lisa Shaw Died Suddenly After Receiving An AstraZeneca COVID Vaccination As Did Scores Of Other People

In England, award-winning radio presenter on Radio Newcastle Lisa Shaw died suddenly aged 44 after receiving the COVID vaccine from AstraZeneca

There is a conspiracy happening right now that is so insidious, so horrific, that it will boggle your imagination. People have died, are dying, and have been grievously wounded after receiving the COVID vaccine from drug makers like Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, the media is aware of it, and with one voice have agreed to remain silent about it. Meet Lisa Shaw, she has the words ‘AstraZeneca’ in the ’cause of death’ box on her state-issued certificate of decease. She’s not alone, there are many more just like her. Go ahead and give me another suspension for posting this, Facebook, but you will not be able to keep it hidden much longer.

“But ye are forgers of lies, ye are all physicians of no value.” Job 13:4 (KJB)

You cannot sue vaccine makers because they are protected by the government because a high number of people have really bad adverse reactions after getting injected. On the CDC VAERS web site, nearly 1.6 million adverse reactions have been attributed to the COVID vaccine so far, with over 35,000 deaths. I personally know people who, after getting the COVID vaccine, had strokes, heart attacks, and in many cases died. What happens when surviving family contacts their doctor? Silence. What happens when they reach out to their state boards? Silence. What happens when they go to the media? Silence. As far back as 2020, before the COVID vaccine was released, we warned you this would happen and now it is. Who will speak for Lisa Shaw and the countless others who died after getting injected? We will.

Lisa Shaw died suddenly after getting injected with the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine

FROM THE DAILY MAIL UK: Lisa Shaw, an award-winning radio presenter on Radio Newcastle, was just 44 when she died in May 2021. Until she was admitted to hospital she had been fit, healthy and fizzing with the sort of energy her job on the morning show required.

Her devastated colleagues had to announce her death on air, but it was down to Gareth, now 43, to tell their six-year-old son Zach that his ‘mam’ wasn’t coming home. ‘I told him the morning after Lisa died. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

Zach is now eight, still too young to have the full facts of his mother’s death explained to him, but there is no question what killed her. In August 2021, Newcastle Coroner Karen Dilks recorded that Lisa had died ‘due to complications of an AstraZeneca Covid vaccination’.

‘That word AstraZeneca is on her death certificate,’ points out Gareth.

Lisa had been vaccinated on April 29, but started developing headaches a week later. On May 13, she was admitted to hospital where Gareth, reeling, was handed a print-out explaining what ‘vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia’ was.

It’s a rare condition (‘but not rare enough that they didn’t have a print-out,’ he says) leading to clots on the brain.

At first doctors were confident they could treat it, but on May 16, Lisa started to have speech problems. ‘We were having a conversation about Zach’s swimming lessons and she couldn’t get out the word ‘goggles’. It was discovered she had suffered a bleed on the brain, and was rushed to surgery where part of her skull was removed to ease the pressure. She never recovered and spent the last five days of her life on a ventilator, as her family gathered in shock.

‘I held her hand. It was all just a haze. Apart from the bandages, you wouldn’t have been able to tell there was anything wrong. She looked as if she was sleeping. She looked as she always looked — perfect.’

‘I think I’m an embarrassment to the authorities because Lisa’s death was inconvenient for them. It challenges their narrative that the vaccine was safe, and that any risk was so rare we shouldn’t even talk about it.’

A devastating tragedy for one family, of course. But the questions raised by Lisa’s death have much wider implications. And so, Gareth took a step which is the equivalent of lobbing a hand grenade into the vaccine debate. He launched legal action against pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, joining forces with another 75 families who have also lost loved-ones, or seen them severely disabled after having the vaccine. Lawyers say the payouts, should the action be successful, could reach seven-figure sums.

Who will foot the bill? Not AstraZeneca. Under a legal indemnity that the Government gave the company early in the pandemic (because of the need to roll out the vaccine fast), the UK taxpayer will have to pay any compensation awarded. Gareth finds this astonishing. ‘The idea that a drug company can be immune from any legal responsibility is staggering, but even if they are, what about moral responsibility?’ READ MORE

BBC Radio Newcastle’s Lisa Shaw died after suffering blood clots following having the Astra Zeneca Covid-19 jab, her family says. The popular DJ had the vaccine and then suffered severe side effects, she was then admitted to hospital in intensive care when she died a few days later.

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