BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Received Job Offer Days Before Fox News Ouster

( Exclusive) – Just a week before Fox News host Tucker Carlson parted ways with the network, he received a job offer from Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, and that offer still stands. On Monday, the day when the news broke about Carlson and Fox splitting up, Roberts posted a video clip of him informing Carlson, publicly, that the think tank would always be there for him if he needed work. The clip was shared on Twitter.

The Western Journal’s Victoria Jones noted that in the video, Robertson tells Carlson, “If things go south at Fox News there’s always a job for you at Heritage.”

Talk about strange timing, right? It’s almost eerie.

Carlson replied by laughing and saying, “Well, you’ve saved me before.”

Roberts posted a caption with the clip that declared, “I’ve said it before and I will say it again, @TuckerCarlson is a fearless American who is unafraid to challenge the Washington regime, ask tough questions, and hold the ruling elite accountable.”

“Tucker, @Heritage will always be a home for you,” Roberts also stated.

The popular conservative pundit delivered a speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary gala last Friday, having no clue that the final episode of his Fox News show would be airing at that time.

Roberts spoke with the outlet saying, “We at Heritage were honored to have Tucker Carlson speak for our 50th anniversary gala as his last show ran on Fox News.”

He also asserted, “I was stunned to hear the news today but am confident Tucker will find a new platform to challenge the Washington regime, ask tough questions, and hold the ruling elite accountable.”

As of this writing, Carlson has still not offered up a response to being ousted from Fox News. He originally joined the network back in 2009 as a contributor, but worked his way up into the prime time lineup. His show was averaging more than three million viewers on a nightly basis before suddenly being canceled on Monday morning.

Several reports have revealed that Carlson discovered the network’s decision to drop his program and cut ties with him while his production team was hard at work preparing Monday night’s show.

The folks at Vanity Fair remarked that the host was “blindsided” by the news. Carlson has since removed any mention of the network from his Twitter bio.

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