Congressional Hearing Documents FBI’s Agenda To ‘Target’ Americans

( Exclusive) – For the last few years it’s become relatively clear that both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department have been weaponized by President Joe Biden and other Democrats for the purpose of attacking and intimidating political opponents into silence. And a new congressional hearing on the matter has revealed that not only did these two government entities attack employees who didn’t get on board with the agenda, but also regular, everyday American citizens.

Bob Unruh of WND reported that Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, chaired the recent hearing and went on to cite information during the proceedings from the Durham report, which stated that the FBI with “no probable cause, no predicate, no evidence whatsoever,” declared war on former President Donald Trump by employing the use of a “dossier” that they knew, from the beginning, was false.

“It actually was a Hillary Clinton-funded opposition research document that the FBI used as ‘evidence’ to spy on the Trump campaign and create the now-debunked Russia collusion conspiracy theory,” Unruh said.

“It’s even worse now, Jordan confirmed, as the FBI is targeting American citizens if they happen to be parents at a school board meeting, or Catholics attending mass. Jordan’s warning to Americans was echoed by FBI Special Agent Garret O’Boyle during the hearing,” he continued.

O’Boyle went on to describe how he was transferred across the U.S. and was immediately suspended at the new location on his very first day of work. The bureau ultimately left his family without a place to live, no furniture, and no access to clothing as all of their material possessions were locked up in storage.

He then detailed how he was forced to beg for coats in order to keep his family from freezing in the cold.

O’Boyle issued a warning to all Americans, saying, “The FBI will crush you. This government will crush you and your family if you try to expose the truth about things they are doing that are wrong.”

Democrats tried to interrupt the hearing by making claims they had copies of testimony from a whistleblower who had agreed to chat only with members of the GOP.

However, Jordan would not allow them the opportunity to succeed in their plans to interrupt the proceedings, reminding them they weren’t entitled to anything that the whistleblower was not happy with.

“When it comes to whistleblowers you are not [entitled],” Jordan told Democrats.

“When Rep. Dan Goldman, D-N.Y., protested, Jordan pointed out that Goldman himself had been ‘part of an investigation with an anonymous whistleblower’ during the first failed impeach and remove campaign by ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi against Trump,” WND noted.

“And I told you that when it comes to whistleblowers you are not entitled. It is at the discretion of Mr. Allen,” Jordan commented.

Democrats responded to Jordan by saying the individuals weren’t actually “whistleblowers,” because the bureau, which is the agency these folks have accused of attacking them, had determined so. Of course that’s what they determined. They are trying to stop these people from being able to expose the truth about the corruption within the FBI.

The report released by Durham confirmed that the Russia collusion theory worked up by Democrats to attack Trump was not based on any legitimate evidence, which means that it was mostly political in nature. It was the Democrats attempting to sway the outcome of an election in favor of Hillary Clinton. As a result, there have been numerous calls for the FBI to be disbanded.

It went on to say, “The leadership at the FBI and Justice Department have weaponized federal law enforcement against everyday Americans, seeking to silence those who dare to have a different viewpoint.”

“It charges the political interests inside the federal agencies have revoked security clearances and suspended without pay agents who have objected to its anti-family, anti-faith political agenda,” WND added.

Jordan remarked, “If you’re a parent attending a school board meeting, you’re pro-life or praying at a clinic or you’re a Catholic simply going to Mass you are a target of the government, target of the FBI.”

As per the Daily Mail, the FBI wasted no time in revoking the security clearances for several of the whistleblowers involved in this hearing, right as they were set to deliver testimony before the committee.

“They had charged earlier they were ordered to pursue various Jan. 6 cases and ignore sex crimes cases because they were no longer a priority. And the agents said they were told to inflate statistics on ‘domestic violent extremism’ to comply with Joe Biden’s agenda,” Unruh wrote.

The Mail report went on to explain, “One of the largest accusations lobbed at the FBI in the report is that the agency has worked to force out conservative employees. According to O’Boyle, the FBI has ‘allowed itself to be enveloped in this politicization and weaponization’ so much so that it is ‘a cancerous point.’”

Let’s hope the truth continues to be brought forth regarding the depth of corruption in the DOJ and that those who are abusing their power and authority to attack Americans for their political beliefs face serious consequences for their actions.

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