Watch: Men Get Into Armed Standoff With BLM/Antifa Mob Who Interrupt Their Kentucky Derby Dinner

( Exclusive) – Brand new video footage coming out of Louisville, Kentucky shows a raucous mob comprised of BLM/Antifa protesters doing what they do best, attempting to interrupt a group of folks trying to enjoy a nice meal during the ever popular Kentucky Derby horse race held last weekend.

According to Infowars, a demonstration being held in the memory of Breonna Taylor on Saturday ended with multiple arrests after a very tense altercation outside of the Louisville restaurant known as La Chasse.

Video footage of the incident was captured by the Courier-Journal and shows two patrons of the establishment with their backs against a wall telling the protesters they needed to keep on moving right along.

One of the individuals, an older gentleman, can be seen in the footage brandishing a small handgun and saying, “Don’t mess with me.”

As all of this is taking place, the younger of the two men is inching ever closer to engaging with a member of the mob in hand-to-hand combat who was being held back by other individuals in the group.

While there were some protesters who tried to get the group to continue walking down the sidewalk and not escalate the situation any further, many BLM folks, armed with rifles, suddenly entered the frame.

“You got guns, we got guns,” the older man says to an armed protester.

“None of us pulled our guns out,” the demonstrator replied.

Then again, the BLM protesters weren’t being cornered and the folks at the restaurant were. One of the armed BLM guys then shouts, “You pull that gun again and I’ll f**king kill you!”

“Go ahead and shoot me then,” the older man responded.

The younger gentleman and the older man with the gun were both ushered inside the restaurant.

The younger man was also armed the entire time the incident was unfolding.

Since Kentucky is an open carry state, the men who drew their weapons were not charged with any kind of crime.

This is just more proof that BLM and Antifa are nothing more than bullies and terrorists who are attempting to force their ideology on the rest of the country and they will use any means necessary to accomplish that goal, including violence.

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